22 More Hobbies For Men

Here are 22 more hobbies for men.
1. Exploration: Travel the world and visit new places to see, learn from, experience a new culture or just have fun exploring beautiful views while camping out in nature on an adventure
2. Sports: Hit the gym with friends and work up a sweat; try your hand at water polo if you’re into aquatic sports or cycling if you like mountain biking; take life easy by kicking back after golfing

“Attractive Hobbies for Men” is a list of 22 hobbies that men can do to make them more attractive. These are things like playing chess, taking up cooking, and learning how to dance. Read more in detail here: attractive hobbies for guys.

Vintage men on motorcycles on trail near river.

Hobbies should not just be something a guy does when he is bored and has nothing else to do; they should be an intrinsic component of how he spends his time.

While leisure time is sometimes associated with merely laying about and doing nothing, great individuals throughout history have crammed activities into those apparently empty hours. Men like Winston Churchill, who once said, “One needs to have two or three hobbies,” were really more energized by doing something with his leisure time than by doing nothing:

“It’s pointless to tell the tired’mental muscles’… ‘I’ll give you a nice night’s sleep,’ ‘I’ll take a long stroll,’ or ‘I’ll lay down and think about nothing.’ Regardless, the mind is kept occupied. If it has been weighing and measuring, it will continue to do so. If it has been worrying, it will continue to worry… In this state, arguing with the mind is pointless… ‘Worry is a spasm of feeling; the mind gets hold of something and will not let go,’ according to a renowned American psychologist. Only by gently insinuating something else into its convulsive clutch may anything else be insinuated. And if this something else is selected well, if it is really accompanied by the lighting of another area of interest, the old oppressive hold gradually, and sometimes rather quickly, relaxes, and the process of recovery and healing starts.”

Rejuvenation is often achieved via a stimulating and intellectual pastime. We released a list of 45 hobbies a few years ago, and it was a huge hit. Readers suggested activities that weren’t on the list, so I looked through and filtered the ones that were cited the most. Here are 22 additional interests that a guy should think about and pursue.


Vintage man on bicycle smoking pipe.

Few guys will ever forget the pleasure of riding a bicycle without training wheels for the first time. The wind on your face, your pedaling legs propelling you forward, and, of course, the first digger’s harsh scrape on the pavement. We used to live on our bikes when we were youngsters. But then we receive our driver’s license, and our bikes become lonely and mainly underused in the garage.

But why give up this young pastime? Bicycling has regained popularity among urban hipsters and amateur athletes alike. While it seems that everyone has ran a 5k, participating in bike events is distinctive enough to make you stand out. Even if you’re not racing, simply riding about town on your own two legs is a rewarding experience. Mountain biking is another alternative that allows you to spend time in the woods. 

Roasting coffee

Roasting green coffee beans on grill.

Coffee roasteries nowadays are high-tech and high-volume, producing hundreds of pounds of beans at a time that all look and taste the same. While store-bought coffee tastes good and is much simpler to use (just purchase it and put it in the coffee machine! ), roasting your own coffee will give you the nicest cup of coffee you’ve ever had. It’s also less expensive than store-bought, costing $5-$8 a pound on average. You may purchase a coffee roasting machine or make it on your grill like I do with a popcorn popper. You may roast coffee for friends and family or even create a side business selling beans in your community to make it a true pastime. If you combine this pastime with the pursuit of vintage coffee machines (such as hand-crank grinders) or the exploration of as many brewing techniques as possible, you’ll be a connoisseur in no time.



Vintage couple filtering water of fish tank.

Fishkeeping is a passion that has been practiced for at least 1,500 years, significantly older than many of the other hobbies on this list. Fishkeeping was generally a rich man’s pastime in the 1800s, since the tanks needed to be heated with gas or later, electricity. The pastime did not become really available to the general public until the 1950s. It’s becoming more popular among home aquarists and dental clinics.

This is a fantastic pastime to take up since it’s simple to scale. To check whether you like it, start with a traditional goldfish tank and a castle. If you do, you’ll gradually progress to larger aquariums, more exotic species, and more elaborate tank decorations. When you have a 90-gallon tank (like one of my former roommates had), it keeps you occupied in ways other than simply feeding the fish every day. For help getting started, go to Marineland.

Classes are available online.

A companies logos of online learning classes.

Every guy should strive to be a lifelong learner. While reading is a terrific activity that may help you achieve your goal, online courses provide a range of learning techniques (video, reading, discussion) and hold you responsible for what you’re learning via quizzes and assignments. Expert lecturers are also available to answer inquiries and guide you if anything seems perplexing.

What’s amazing about this pastime is how inexpensive it is in most circumstances. You may start lessons now for free on platforms like Coursera and EdX, covering anything from programming fundamentals to critical thinking to classical music. The toughest part, in my experience, is just doing the classwork when you’re not being paid, so consider doing this with another person or perhaps a group to hold yourself responsible.


Vintage african man on motorcycle.

Many guys like becoming motorcyclists, whether they are going cross-country or tinkering in the garage. Although publications like Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance and Shop Class as Soulcraft advocate for the numerous mental and philosophical advantages of riding, this pastime is likely to reward its practitioner in more than just gas mileage and technical expertise.

“You’re usually in a compartment in a vehicle, and since you’re accustomed to it, you don’t notice that everything you see through the car window is simply more TV.” You’re a passive spectator, and everything is passing you by in a frame.

The frame vanishes while riding a bicycle. You’re entirely aware of everything. You’re in the situation now, not just watching it, and the feeling of being there is tremendous.”

–Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, Robert Pirsig

Begin with purchasing and learning to ride your first bicycle.


Vintage men in the market of antique things in greece.

With the popularity of programs like Pawn Stars and American Pickers, antiquing or “picking” has returned to the public limelight. Antiquing is a pastime that involves purchasing and collecting antiques from shops, malls, and garage sales, among other places. In many instances, it also entails reselling them for a profit, sometimes after refinishing or repairing them first. Instead of purchasing from antique shops, pickers would purchase directly from collectors, amateur historians, and even hoarders, and then sell to antique retailers.


Picking a niche of things to hunt for is the best way to go about antiquing. This will make your task a lot simpler, and it will offer you the joy of hunting for something special rather than merely seeking for excellent prices. It’s vintage shaving supplies for many AoM males. (There’s even an article on how to fix them.) It’s vintage coffee-related items for me, whether it’s old tins or grinders. Whatever it is that you appreciate, there is likely to be some amazing vintage thing relating to it. This comprehensive book will teach you all you need to know.

Metal Detection/Scraping

Vintage scrap yard junkyard.

While antiquing or picking focuses on goods that have genuine monetary worth in their existing state, scrapping is all about converting other people’s trash into cash. In your hands, what was once trash is recycled and converted into green. To get started, all you actually need is a tiny magnet and a rudimentary understanding of the different kinds of metals and their values. After that, you may begin collecting and bringing your discovered items to a scrapyard.

Metal detecting is similar, but the most common items discovered are ancient rings, coins, and other jewelry. Detecting is also a walking pastime, so you’ll get some exercise while you’re at it.

Both of these hobbies will turn you become a historian, since different metals, like rocks, have a past and a tale to tell.


Vintage man playing golf.

No other sport has the same aura of majesty and history as golf. The clothes are smart, the moves are beautiful, and the grounds are well-kept. It’s a gentleman’s game, to be sure. There are few better ways for guys to get together and spend a few hours than on the golf course. It’s a difficult sport to perfect, but that’s part of the appeal. You’re virtually always up against other people as well as yourself. In other sports, you typically merely have to outperform your opponent, but part of the fun of golf is improving your own game; there’s always something you can do to enhance your skills that doesn’t depend on anybody else. It’s preferable to learn how to play golf in person at a local course or golf store.


Men in camouflage with airsoft guns.

Twin Cities Airsoft is the source of this image.

Paying for range time and ammunition may add up quickly when it comes to weapon instruction and shooting. While airsoft used to be a toy for youngsters, today’s market has nearly-exact copies of practically every weapon on the market. You may use airsoft for training if the police and military do. Connecting with the airsoft community online and discovering simulations and contests — much like paintball, but more realistic — is a great way to have fun while also improving your tactical abilities.


The art of manliness logo.

This is an excellent activity to attempt if you’re not quite ready to go into woodworking but want to start working with wood in some form. Woodburning, also known as pyrography, is the process of employing a pen-like searing instrument to burn a pattern or piece of art into a block of wood. It’s really simple to learn, and the first investment is less than $50. While internet materials and networks for pyrography are more difficult to come by than for traditional woodworking, they do exist. Woodburning demands attention to detail, patience, and a knowledge of the instruments of the craft, albeit it isn’t as exciting as making a chair. This tutorial will get you started until an AoM primer on woodburning is released, but in the interim, this guide will get you started.



Vintage soldier reading a book on bed.

A pastime of nearly too many great men to list has been writing and journaling. While some guys write to sell a book or an idea, many just write to organize their ideas, create connections, solve issues, and even relax. Getting things out of your thoughts and into paper is a very relieving process.

Many guys will set a goal to journal more, but I’ve found that seeing it as a pastime — something you do in your free time, even if it’s only a few minutes here and there during the day — is nearly as beneficial. While it isn’t something you can brag about like a lot of other hobbies, it is personally fulfilling and will help you avoid the shackles of a distracted world. And one day, your grandkids and great-grandchildren will be delighted to read about your life in the year 2015.

We’ve put up a helpful 31-day guide with easy-to-follow instructions to start your creative juices flowing; if you’re having difficulties coming up with unique ideas, try copywork.


Vintage man in sailboat on lake.

Many guys have fantasized of taking to the seas on their own initiative. Weather forecasting, navigation, rope skills, and other classical disciplines are all part of sailing. Even if you’re only puttering about the tranquil waters of a tiny lake, you hearken back to crusty, bearded warriors of past facing wild seas and fierce whales. It’s a breath of fresh air that offers both physical and cerebral stimulation. It may seem to be a pricey activity, and it can be, but costs may be reduced by taking lessons, renting boats, and so on. You don’t have to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a boat to get started. It’s also something the entire family can enjoy, rather than just you; invite your spouse and kids to join you on the boat and make it a weekend tradition!


Vintage men diving with giant turtle.

While sailing keeps you on the surface of the water, scuba diving brings you under the surface to explore the depths. It’s a one-of-a-kind pastime in that you have to attend lessons and be certified before you can participate. If you reside in a place where there isn’t much water to explore, you’ll be restricted, but even inland areas offer diving stores and lessons. Many individuals may take diving training inland and get certified, but they will then apply their talents on holidays to the Caribbean’s pristine seas or murkier locales like the northern shores or the Great Lakes. Most of the time, you can at least drive someplace to do scuba diving.

Joining schools of fish and historic shipwrecks on diving trips can turn you into an amateur historian and biologist all in one. Few activities can compare to this level of excitement, so look for a school near you to get started!

Model Train Sets

Magazine cover, model builder on april 1940.

Many commentators requested a specific mention of model train construction, which we included in our initial list. Railroading is unusual in that you aren’t simply creating a single object to add to a collection, but rather a full scenario with trains running through it. Johnny Cash, Joe DiMaggio, Walt Disney, Tom Hanks, Frank Sinatra, Warren Buffett, and others have all indulged in this pastime. You’ll study a range of subjects, including arithmetic and physics fundamentals, wiring, scene construction, and design. This isn’t your typical Christmas tree railroad ring from your youth. Take a look at the National Model Railroad Association’s beginner’s handbook to get you started.


Climbing on Rocks

Vintage man rock climbing.

Hiking and mountaineering were included in our initial list of hobbies, but rock climbing is a separate activity. You’re conquering cliff cliffs instead of sloping peaks, frequently for the physical excitement of knowing you just ascended a vertical wall, not for the reward of a wonderful view (though that’s often a part of it). As you look for the next little handhold and form a line to the top, it tests your physical abilities as well as your intellectual and problem-solving abilities.

Learning the ropes in an indoor gym is the simplest method to get started rock climbing. Take your new passion outdoors after you’ve mastered the fundamentals of safety and technique; even if you don’t live in an area endowed with stunning cliffs, you could be surprised to discover lesser-known local climbing spots. Most climbers need a belay partner, which might be a barrier to learning if you don’t know somebody who can go with you. Climbers, on the other hand, are a sociable bunch; hang around at the gym and you’ll find people eager to recognize you and invite you along on their adventures.

Reenactment of History

Historical reenactment in ohio.

D-Day Ohio is the source of this image.

It’s critical for guys to have a sentimental interest in history. Participating in historical reenactments is a great opportunity to completely immerse oneself. It may be as particular as reenacting a single war or as wide as reenacting a certain time period at a historic site like Colonial Williamsburg. Reenacting historical events has been around since ancient Rome, when men would reenact legendary wars. It allows you to experience what guys wore at the period, as well as what they would have thought, and you’ll learn a lot regardless of what you’re reproducing. This activity allows you to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes, albeit from a different era. Furthermore, you often have the opportunity to educate individuals who attend the reenactment.

Ebay offers a terrific starting guide and will be a great resource for finding stuff as well!


Vintage man tending to bee hives.

Beekeeping has been documented in ancient Egypt as far back as 4,500 years. Burt Shavitz brought his passion to market with Burt’s Bees in the 1980s, and the hobby garnered some celebrity in the United States. (Speaking of Mr. Shavitz and Burt’s Bees, there’s a great documentary called Burt’s Buzz on Netflix about Mr. Shavitz and Burt’s Bees.) It mixes a little bit of risk and overcoming worries with a measurable result – honey! Check your city’s beekeeping rules before getting started, particularly if you live in a city. Another pastime that can be scaled up is beekeeping. You may start small with one hive and work your way up as you gain experience. 


Vintage young african man listening to vinyl record player.

House parties and get-togethers in the 1950s and 1960s were often centered around the record player. You’d get together and listen to the newest record while attempting to wow the apple of your eye with your slick skills. Vinyl collection and playing, like many other nostalgic pastimes from that era, is making a resurgence. In reality, vinyl sales have increased dramatically in recent years, while CD sales have continued to drop. Going from CDs to vinyl gives music fans a whole new way to listen to their favorite songs. The richer, more accurate sound buried in a record is revered by vinyl devotees.


Listening to vinyl compels you to concentrate on the whole album rather than bouncing around to your favorite tracks. You’re seeing it as a work of art, rather than merely four minutes of amusement, as the creator would desire. Check out our advice on purchasing your first turntable to get started with record collecting and listening.


Old men looking through binoculars for birds.

Many of the advantages of collecting — organization, learning about a specialized subject, even the excitement of the search — are available to bird watchers without the associated expenditures. You’re maintaining a log of your discoveries or even marking off species on a list, rather than purchasing and perhaps cluttering your house with items. As a kid, it seemed like the ultimate old man’s pastime, but even now, in my late twenties, I seem to be more interested than ever in the birds in my yard. Maybe it’s their serene attitude, or maybe it’s my envy for their ability to fly; either way, they’re lovely animals with as many different forms, colors, and behaviors as humans. Bird watching provides fun and delight in the near term (such as on an afternoon stroll) as well as over the long term (such as hunting for rare species and learning more about the animals that people have attempted to imitate). Start by grabbing a pair of binoculars.

Projects for the House

Magazine cover, do it yourself on june 1960.

Working on chores around the home is a pain for some guys, and one they would rather avoid at all costs. For many others, though, it’s a fantastic way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Puttering about the house (and garage) allows many guys to work with their hands and acquire new skills, whether it’s completing a basement, working on a home maintenance checklist, or just re-painting a room.

To be healthy, our homes, like our bodies, need love and care. You’ll be lot better off if you learn to like it, and you’ll probably save money in the long run since you won’t be renting out every small job. Of course, you must always exercise caution; it is better to be safe than sorry and have to spend more to replace what you have broken. The advantage is that people who seek may find a wealth of information, whether it’s on the internet in the form of videos and articles, in books from the library, or on HGTV programs.

Games using analogue controls

Vintage japanese men playing checkers.

Many of the founding fathers, including Franklin, Jefferson, and Madison, were avid chess players; presidents from Theodore Roosevelt to Harry Truman played poker with their advisors; and Abraham Lincoln played backgammon with his sons.

Almost every great man in history, as well as millions of individuals whose names have been lost to time, had a favorite board or card game. Join their ranks and learn about the many advantages of playing analog games with your friends and family.



Volunteering sitting in the stadium.

Even guys who do not believe themselves to be materialistic might be time hogs. While clinging to our time and resources may seem to secure our pleasure in the short term, this selfishness canker our souls in the long run. As a result, service should be a part of every man’s life, since when you lose yourself in helping others, you frequently discover that your own life improves dramatically.

Instead of devoting your whole hobby to your own interests, why you volunteer to help others? As you help others, you will discover satisfaction, get a better understanding of your own challenges, break down prejudice, and more. While men need time alone with an activity to replenish themselves, volunteering on a regular basis provides a different form of regeneration.



The “man with no hobbies” is a man who has no interest in anything. He doesn’t like sports, he doesn’t play games, and he doesn’t have any hobbies.

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