Everyone should have a 21 Personal Security Tips while you are shopping. This is because you never know who you are doing business with. When shopping, you should always be aware of your surroundings and stay alert. While there are a lot of good things that can come from shopping, you do not want to be an obvious target for criminals. These are some 21 Personal Security Tips to keep in mind while you are out shopping.

Stay aware of your surroundings. You should always know what people are saying and doing around you. If you notice people speaking to one another in a strange way or standing too close to one another, keep an ear out. Keep an eye on the people that you are in contact with and act accordingly.

Know your exits. Always keep one eye on the exit that you intend to use when you are leaving the store. There are instances where individuals have been killed trying to get out of a store. It is not worth it to take this chance. Do not leave the mall until you know for sure that the exit you are going to use is clear.

Do not hang around near the ATM machine. This is not advised, since most people will be walking towards it or have a few people walking by. There are many stories of people who were lost and stranded in the mall after hanging around near an ATM machine. Keep your distance or move to another location.

Know your route to and from the store. Knowing your route while you are shopping will help keep you safe. Make sure that you take the right turns. In most cases, this is one of the safest ways to keep someone from approaching you.

Avoid large crowds. Stay away from large groups of people since many stores have their own security. If you see a large group of people near the entrance of the store, go inside to look around and wait. In many cases, they will be conducting an actual security check.

As soon as you enter a room, turn off the lights or turn them off altogether. You never know when somebody may shine a light in your eyes or behind you. In addition, it is not a good idea to wear reflective clothing or jewelry. People may mistake you for someone else, since there is no way of telling what you are wearing.

While these are not your standard 21 security tips, they are useful and necessary. Do not give up your personal safety just because you are out getting dressed. If you feel uncomfortable, you should move to a safer location until you feel more confident in your appearance. When you are out in public, always carry a piece of pepper spray with you in case something happens.

There are also many self-defense products available for purchase in most local stores and shopping malls. Carry a pepper spray in your purse or pocket. There are many different options available so you should be able to find something that is appropriate for your needs. These products are non-lethal, which means they can only be used by a trained individual.

Another thing that you should do is keep your keys in a safe place. It is OK to have a briefcase or other type of bag where you can keep your keys and other valuable items, but do not keep them on display in your car or any other public area. Do not keep them in your glove compartment either. In addition, if you are going to be carrying a purse, close all doors and windows while you are out.

Always try to get into a well-lit store or mall, even if it is dark outside. Dark areas tend to be where predators tend to hang out. It is also best to keep an eye on your kids while you’re out, especially if they are alone. If you have a camera, point it at the bad guys and get them out of the store before someone gets too near you.

Finally, do not give up. Shopping is supposed to be a fun experience. Most malls have security guards on duty to help you during your shopping excursion. You should never go into a store scared, and if you do, there are many professionals that can help you overcome your fears so that you can stay calm and enjoy your shopping experience.

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