When I was shopping at Costco, I found that one of their freezer sections had a variety of different food choices. One shelf had a large selection of frozen dinners. Another shelf offered a variety of frozen entrees that could feed a small family. I was instantly interested in trying one of the entrees they served that day.

I selected an entree that looked good. The packaging showed that it was made with chicken and beef. Inside, there were a few pieces of information and the date, which was not stamped. I took the box, but I wanted to double check that I did not miss anything.

I went to the back of the freezer to double check. The food on this shelf had clearly been sitting for quite some time. There was no writing on the box or anything else visible that would indicate that it had been there a long time. The odor was no longer fresh, but I could tell that this food had gone bad.

I started to leave the food. As I approached the door to leave, a brown paper sack flew out from behind me. It had obviously been there a while and when I looked down, there were dark crumbs on the bottom. I quickly picked up the stuff, which felt heavy and was very wet. I placed the sack of food in my backpack and headed for the checkout line.

20 Survival Tips to Get You Through Your First Lesson In Survival: If you see something that looks as if it might be food, but it is damp or looks as if it may have been used recently, put it back on the shelf. You will never know when the life may come in your food. If you see that a package of cans has water in it, but the can be cracked, do not open it. It could be contaminated with bacteria and you could end up having a harmful outbreak of flu. Leave it closed, but put it in your backpack for emergency use.

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You probably got your water bottle in your school locker. You should have stashed it there. Instead, you should get a new one and fill it up with water. The water that comes out of the tap or from your faucet may look clean, but there are microbes, germs, fungi and viruses living in every drop. Keep them out of your body by putting water in your stomach right away.

If you have stowed your canned food, but it has lost its water content, it is time to go get more. Do not wait until it starts to get bad before digging out another can. You are trying to keep it alive for the long haul. There is a chance that the food may have a bug that is eating away at it, so it is a good idea to replace it right away.

It is also wise to store any medicines that you have taken to fight off bugs and diseases. When you feel weak, you might not be able to fight off an attack. That is why it is important to have medications on hand. Put these into your water and food storage and stash away where they will be easy to reach. Your family is counting on you, and so is your kit. These simple survival tips will help you survive, and that is something that you should be thankful for.

Get a large pot with water inside, but make sure that it does not hold too many cups. This will be useful if you need a drink while you are cooking. This should have enough water to drink, but it also has to stay within the confines of the pot. Any more and it will become cumbersome to move.

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If you have forgotten your camera, get it back now. You never know when life will come to an end and you will not be able to remember the events that occurred while you were gone. Some people like to take pictures, so having a digital camera can make this easier for you. Some prefer not to use their technology, because they feel like it is taking away from nature. Take your camera along with you so you can capture memories.

As you are leaving your home, make sure that you pack some food and supplies. Pack them tightly so that they do not fall out and spoil as they go through the mountains. If you can, get someone to look after them while you are gone. This way they will not be able to help themselves and your loved ones get through the disaster.

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