First, make sure you understand the basics of weather predictions and hurricane survival tips. This way, if a storm does approach, you will not be caught off guard. In fact, you will know what kind of preparations you need to have ahead of time. These preparations may include contacting local emergency authorities or the National Hurricane Center.

Next, be sure that you take immediate action if a storm is headed your way. Try to stay indoors if you can until the storm passes. Most people do not realize that the winds are actually stronger than the rain during a storm. If you must leave your home, try to take a car that has a flat tire with you and take it to an open spot.

Also, be sure to take plenty of drinking water with you in case you must venture out to the water. Remember that the rising water could cause damage to anything that it touches, so be sure to fill up on water as soon as possible. Even if you are only a few blocks away from the nearest road, if you have to walk to the car then take lots of water with you. Water is a necessity during a hurricane, so do not overlook it!

Once you have gone a few blocks, get in the car and start to drive towards your home. As soon as you reach the home, try to check it out to see if any of the doors or windows are ajar. If they are open, then you need to get inside the home as quickly as you can. Open all windows and put plenty of fans in the air to circulate the cool air inside the home.

It is important to protect your things from the wind and storm while inside your home. Try to use plywood to protect tables and other flat surfaces on the outside of your home. You should also take special care to secure your roof and any other high points around your home. Storm water and any falling debris can cause a lot of damage to your home.

If you cannot completely lock the doors of your home, you should consider erecting hurricane shutters over the windows. These are simple devices made of strong material and attach to the window with screws. They will provide extra protection and will help to keep cold air out of your home during a hurricane. Be sure to check all these items before a hurricane strikes to be sure that they are in good repair.

You should try to gather as much bottled water and food as you can. This may seem like common sense, but most people do not have this type of supplies ready when they need them. It is always better to have some than none. If you have these bottled water and food at home, you will have many alternatives if you become trapped. You should also ensure that you have fresh bedding and pillows on hand.

It is extremely important to stay hydrated as much as possible. If you become very thirsty, you should try to get a bottle of ice water and sip on it to keep yourself hydrated. You should also empty your pockets to try and fill up on whatever you can. You should never carry more than 2 liters of water with you, even though you could easily carry more.

The next thing you should do is to check all of your electrical appliances, especially those that are not used often. Many people have televisions and computers inside of their homes that are very expensive to replace. You should try to turn off the power to these appliances and any other ones that you do not use regularly. You should also check any flashlights that you have in the house that may not be in use. These lights can also prove to be a safety hazard in case of an emergency.

You should ensure that you family has the proper supplies on hand. You should stock up on batteries for flashlights and other items. You should have plenty of canned foods on hand as well as food bars. Be sure that you have plenty of clean water available for you and your family to drink.

Another of the best Hurricane survival tips that you should follow is to stay away from water. Stay safe and try to stay dry by staying away from standing water. If you must go into the water, try to wear some life jackets so that you can stay safe under the water. Try to stay calm and do not panic in case of an emergency.

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