Do you have a piece of advice to offer those searching for 20 critical tornado survival tips in preparation for their own families’ safety? Are you telling them to stay indoors during a storm, rather than taking an active role in the preparations? Is this information too much for your ear? If so, listen up.

The safest thing for a family to do during a severe weather outbreak is to stay indoors. If you and your family members can’t get indoors, there is absolutely no way for you or your family to escape the approaching storm. In addition to that, if everyone is stuck indoors, you will not be able to do what you would like – possibly collect the family pets or have some much-needed rest. (tornado warning sirens indicate that they are approaching.) The only option available is to stay indoors and protect your family from any harm.

Do not try to fight the storm, directly. It is impossible to stand against Mother Nature and her fury. Attempting to shield your home or property from impending destruction is ineffective – it is pointless and ultimately, a waste of time. Instead, allow the wind to blow around your home and the debris to gather outside. The only thing you will need to focus on at this point is to stay safe inside your home. You can do that by staying calm, using your surroundings (including lighting) to block out the bad effects of the approaching storm.

Do not hide from the wind. While you might feel safer in a dark corner, the only way to protect your home is to stay indoors. Your body is a powerful magnet, so take advantage of that fact. The stronger the wind, the more likely you are to lose your balance and slip through the opening created by a storm. You could be hit by a flying rock or piece of debris – anything that is hard and solid can rip through your weakened body. Stay inside your home, as long as you can, and then – if you are feeling less mobile – head out into the open where the wind is blowing in a more balanced fashion.

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Do not wait to seek shelter. Many individuals will choose to stay inside their home during a tornado because they believe it will offer them safety. In reality, being protected inside is the safest option – no matter what. No matter how safe you think your environment is, you should never venture out unless there is an obvious route out.

Do not expect to find food and supplies. The easiest way to describe this survival tip is to say stay alive. It is impossible to see a storm coming, so your best bet is to stay as alert as possible. Have a plan for escape, and stay on top of your plans. Make a list of your family members, and the exact locations of all emergency supplies – food, water, blankets, etc. Take care of your basic needs before the storm arrives.

Do not trust you instincts. Tornado sirens are often believed to be hoaxes designed to scare people into staying indoors. Unless you see one siren, try to ignore it. Do not call the police unless there is a real emergency. Tornado sirens are hoaxes meant to keep people in the dark.

Do not fight with you instincts. Even if you are forced to go outside, do not combat the wind. Try to avoid any direct contact with tornadoes. If you are forced to get into the middle of one, run like the wind. These are just a few examples, and there are many more tips that you will learn in this series of articles.

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