18 Things Every Man Should Do This Summer

Summer is here and you need to plan for your next trip. Here are a few things every man should do this summer, whether it be on the beach or in an abandoned warehouse.

The “top 10 things every man should know how to do” is a list of 18 things that all men should know how to do this summer.

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We’ve chosen to reprint a vintage essay each Sunday to assist our younger readers discover some of the greatest, evergreen jewels from the past, with our archives currently totaling over 3,500 items. The original version of this essay was published in June of 2014.

Summer has here, and we are overjoyed. Summertime is a “novel of hope,” as author Benjamin Alire Sáenz phrased it, full of the promise of freedom, adventure, and dreamy idleness. It’s a time to shed the winter’s burden and take in the warm, rejuvenating light.

It’s also a good opportunity to indulge in some of your favorite activities and routines. Seasonal customs provide a natural rhythm and variety to life that is frequently lacking in today’s fluorescent-lit, temperature-controlled environment.

We’ve put together a list of 18 activities to help you make the most of the summer season and bring more joy and charm back into your life. If you finish them all by Labor Day, you’ll have enough fuzzy recollections to keep you warm for the rest of the winter.


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Here’s how to keep track of your score using pen and paper.

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Vintage men paddle a canoe in river.

Vintage boys standing around fireworks shop.

Vintage father and son mowing in the lawn.

Vintage father and son going for fishing.

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Learn how to put one on in a stylish manner.

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Vintage men drinking water from hose.

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Check out our summer grilling video instructions!

Vintage men taking dip in a swimming hole.

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Looking for something to read? Take a look at our reading lists!

Vintage man swinging on rope.

With this illustrated tutorial, you’ll be able to create your own rope swing!

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Vintage small boy peeing at outside with family picture.

Vintage men diving into river from dock.



The “101 things every man should know how to do pdf” is a list of 18 things that men should be doing this summer.

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