Did you know that there are 17 Tips for Taking Charge after a Disruptive Event? If you have ever worked in an organization or been a boss in a small company, you know how hard it can be to take charge. Sometimes it takes people weeks, months and sometimes years to build the relationships back that were severed in a disruption. I hope you take advantage of this and make it easier for everyone.

When a disruptive event occurs, it can take everyone by surprise. You may not be able to think clearly or have your priorities straight. This leads to mistakes, miscommunication, and lost time. Everyone is affected by this.

Before you get started, review all of your documents that pertain to the situation. Ask your team members what took place and if they have anything they would like to say about what took place. Write down everything you can think of. There will be moments that you will need to make decisions fast. During those times you should give your team a clear outline as to what will be expected of them. Give them a deadline and let them know that they will need to produce results by a certain date.

If there is a performance review scheduled with the boss, it would be good to address any concerns that you have before the meeting. Let your team know what they are going to do wrong and why. If they are unaware of something, let them know. It is their responsibility to find out what is going on so that they can correct it. This will also help you and the boss to decide if the situation warrants further reporting.

Don’t let your team drift apart. Keep them together. If they start working separately, you risk them becoming distracted from the work that needs to be done.

Give everyone in the team individual or group credit. Make sure that everyone has a turn to say something. It is okay to make corrections or clarifications when needed. Don’t criticize or belittle anyone. The goal is to foster a feeling of cooperation and teamwork.

It is important to make sure that everyone has a chance to provide input. Otherwise, you are just sending the same message to all the people in the group. Each person needs to be included. You can’t do well as an organizer if you invite every member to talk about their ideas. You may end up with an overall report that is not balanced.

Try to keep things upbeat. One of the most popular tips for dealing with these types of events is to have some music going. A lot of people feel better when they are able to dance. You should encourage this. Have a few drummers or musicians playing at different times. It will help to create a friendly and festive atmosphere.

Everyone must have their own responsibility. When you are trying to take charge after a disruptive event, you need to assign some specific tasks. Don’t assume that anyone is responsible for doing their own thing. You might end up with more problems if you leave everyone to their own devices.

Try to assign tasks according to the strengths of each team member. For instance, if there are many strong team members who can work well on the project, you don’t need to assign them everything. Give them some room to explore their own interests and talents. On the other hand, you might need someone to build websites, set up presentations, etc. You would need to give more responsibilities to your seasoned team members.

Try to stay connected with the rest of the team. Communication is very important after an event. You want to let the team know that you understand what happened and that you are willing to work with them. Communication will also let them know that you understand their needs and are there to help. You might want to make communication easier by having weekly or monthly conference calls. This can go a long way toward making everyone feel less overwhelmed.

Working with people after an event takes a lot of hard work. It can be frustrating and disheartening when barriers arise but the best thing to do is to simply get past it. Following these 17 tips for taking charge after a disruptive event will make it easier.

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