15 survival tips for anyone living with a mix of anxiety and depression may sound quite simplistic. After all, what’s the worst that could happen? Nothing at all, right?

However, the situation can be far more serious than you realize. These 15 tips are essential to anyone dealing with both anxiety and depression. It’s not enough to “live through” one or the other. Neither condition is something that will just go away. They exist in interaction with one another and each feeds off the other. Left unchecked, these conditions will spiral out of control and can lead to complete and total loss of control.

First off, if you’re feeling depressed, don’t ignore it. Depression is often the result of stress and low self-esteem. You may feel worthless and believe that your world is ending. Don’t allow yourself to believe this. Take time to evaluate your life and determine if you have an imbalance of resources that are causing these feelings.

If so, you need to develop a new approach to life. The old-fashioned attitude of “it’s going to be OK, because I love you anyways” may no longer apply. Think about how you feel when someone else in your family or group of friends is suffering from anxiety or depression. How is their life different from your own? How do they treat their illness?

If it’s similar, evaluate where the difficulties lie between the two conditions. This is where the true cause of anxiety and depression may lie. Do you have similar emotional issues? If so, find a way to work those issues into your life.

It’s important to also realize that anxiety and depression can run side by side. One condition may actually lead to another. For example, a bout with cancer may bring about feelings of sadness and hopelessness. Yet another traumatic event could trigger feelings of guilt and even depression.

So what can you do to treat both anxiety and depression? Well, first of all, know that it’s not hopeless. Both conditions can be successfully treated. Many people go on to lead happy and fulfilling lives after being treated for anxiety and/or depression. So, don’t lose hope!

You may find that there is a support group in your area. Or, you may want to join an online forum. Either way, be sure to share your feelings with others who may be going through what you are. You never know when you’ll find your strength again.

Remember, a large part of treating depression is taking medication. This will help to balance out your brain chemicals. Make sure you discuss this with your doctor. Also, talk to someone who understands depression and its symptoms.

Try to spend some time alone. Sometimes, this comes during periods of high stress. Find a place to sit and block out the world. You may want to write down some positive thoughts. Reading uplifting books or watching inspiring movies can also be helpful.

Take some time to think over things that have happened to you and others in your life. Reflect on your accomplishments and your dreams. Remember how much you want to accomplish. Also, let go of any guilt you feel about failures or anything else that is holding you back from what you really want to do. You will discover that there are many opportunities around you right now to fulfill your dreams.

Take one day at a time. Each day, focus on one thing. For example, on Monday you can focus on your goals. On Wednesday you can work on fixing your home. On Friday you can take a short vacation and spend some time with family. Focus your attention on one thing and then move on to another on Saturday.

Get out into nature and enjoy the sun and the fresh air. There is so much that we can learn from the natural world. Look for natural beauty in everything that surrounds you. For instance, if you are focusing on your house, look for imperfections and imperfection in the plants and flowers around you. In this way, you will learn to appreciate them more and will enjoy looking at them.

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