Here are some simple and effective 14 Winter Survival Tips from the Coldest Parts of the Country. These survival tips were compiled by a local survival expert with experience of living in the northern Minnesota area for the last 15 years. This person, myself, have found these tips to be very useful during the past few months. I am still recovering from my first sub-zero day of winter. Hopefully these tips will help someone in your shoes during the winter as well.

– Ice & Snow: I’m sure we all know what a pain ice and snow can be in the middle of the day. Especially on your face. Always wear sunglasses, especially in the middle of the afternoon. When ice starts to melt you want to make sure to put your shades on, also make sure that your windshield wipers are working properly, and try to find an old car battery, if you don’t have one at least a battery charger. Don’t attempt to melt the ice any further, it’s dangerous.

– Camping under the stars: Going camping in the dark is almost a sin these days. However, in the early morning or late evening the weather can still be cool enough to go camping under the stars. The one issue with this, you need to make sure your sleeping bag is big enough, if not ask someone with a bigger one, they will stretch it out for you. Don’t ever plan on going camping in a storm, this is never a good idea.

– Food & Shelter: Shelter is very important, you never know when bad weather is going to hit. During early fall to early winter you will have no shelter, so this is the time you start looking for somewhere to stay. What kind of food will you need? You might be able to store dry foods in a container, such as a wet newspaper. Drying foods is okay, but storing them for long term is not. Staying warm will also mean using an extra blanket.

– Fire Starting Equipment: Always have some fire starting equipment. It’s survival money in case the electricity goes out. Have some kind of shovel & rake. Put this at the front of your car, you can use a bucket if it is too cold to carry it. Take along some rope & a fire stone. These are essential items to have.

– Flashlights: Flashlights are also a good thing to keep on hand. Try to carry at least one flashlight with you at all times. This will come in handy in case you come across a road that is snowed in. Also, if you are trapped under snow for long periods of time. They are a good way to see where you’re at.

– Camping Equipment: It’s important to have camping supplies on hand. Things like food, water, & food items stored in coolers. Food can keep you going for a long time so don’t leave any behind. It’s also good to have some type of sleeping bag & heat.

– Shelter: Never forget your shelter. Whether it’s a tent or a t-shirt & a blanket, make sure you have it. A lot of people forget about their shelter or in the bad cases actually leave it behind. I always try and be prepared before I go. It might be cold in the morning, but it will save you many sleepless nights.

– Watch Your Fire: Always make sure that your fire is fully lit. Stay away from small kids. Also always check your brush, matches & flints. You never know when you’ll need them. And if you do forget your firewood – bring along some of your own.

– Sleeping Out: This is probably the most important thing. If you have a tent or an igloo, take advantage of it. Cover yourself with a tarp. Use the blankets & pillows to keep warm. But remember to turn off your heater when you sleep at night. This way you will be warm even without heating.

– Campfire: The most important aspect of this strategy is to campfire with your family. This way you will all get to enjoy the warmth together. Also it’s a great opportunity to make new friends! However, you should only do it in the summer. In the winter we are safer to go into our own houses.

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