During the Great Depression, many people did not even know where the term “Great Depression” came from. For the most part, it was a term that was used only in political circles and to distinguish the collapse of large scale industry from a minor depression. The truth is, there were many signs that the economy was beginning to slip downward, and it was at this point that people really began to worry. If you want to learn some of the most important survival tips from the Great Depression, it would be a good idea to read this article and follow through with the steps that are suggested. Here are 13 Survival Tips from the Great Depression.

In order to survive, it would be a good idea for families to keep copies of their monthly household budget. This budget should include all of the major bills, such as: housing loan, utilities, insurance, and food. Most people did not have extra money during the month and would need to survive on whatever was left over. Most people lived on what they had left over, which consisted mostly of eating whatever they could get, or using what was left over from clothing, or food. There was very little left to spend on anything else. This resulted in a lot of unsold items in homes.

It was very common for people to rely on food as their source of sustenance. When times got tough, people turned to food as a last resort. With no money, they would eat whatever they could find, or if it was too expensive, they would turn to soup and sandwiches. In most cases, these were not healthy options and would usually leave people with diarrhea or worse. Because of this, there were a lot of people who died because they did not have access to food. Because of this, the government stepped in with the passing of the Emergency Relief Program in 1929.

During the Great Depression, many companies tried to save money by eliminating the work week. This would result in a lot of people losing their pay. They would then use the money toward bills, which would only add to the bill. Some companies would cut down on vacations and leave people out in the cold and rain all day while they worked. Many businesses went out of business due to these actions.

If there was no money, people would often have to live on the streets. They would sleep on the streets or in garbage piles until money was found to purchase a place to live. This often resulted in nothing more than a broken down, dirty, and freezing place. Some people would simply move to a different area of town or state to live, which would often result in them having to start all over again. This cycle continued until there were no homes left to live in.

Because of the lack of any basic necessities, many people died during the depression. Many deaths occurred because someone did not eat enough or too much, they didn’t go to bed on time, did not wash their hands or took a bath. When people became depressed they would turn to food for comfort. They would eat anything to stay happy. There were no longer any survival tips from the Great Depression.

When people began to eat properly, they began to feel better about themselves. They began to have more energy. When this happened they had more confidence in their abilities. This is why there were so many survival tips from the Great Depression. People started to believe that they could overcome whatever was throwing at them. These newly confident people began to climb back up the economic ladder.

The United States was the first industrial country to be self-sufficient. It was not even long before other countries picked up the tradition. Today, we still have not fully recovered from the depression, which is why there are so many survival tips from the Great Depression out there. It is up to us to help our economy grow and become a world leader.

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