Many people do not realize just how important it is to have a properly set-up catchment system. The right system allows for the proper runoff of water in order to benefit your garden and your entire community. Whether you have a small or large garden and need water to grow plants, or if you are looking to help protect natural resources or reduce your impact on the environment you need to make sure that you are taking every precaution possible to ensure that you are receiving the water that you need. There are many different things that you can do in order to increase your water yield while at the same time decreasing the amount of water that you are wasting by using wasteful practices.

One of the first steps is to change your garden design. If you have an arbor or other structure that is located on your property you should take advantage of this. These structures are usually known as catchment systems. These structures are designed to catch the rainfall that falls on your property. This is important because it allows you to have more space in which to grow your plants and shrubs.

In order to utilize your existing catchment system you will need to purchase a water holding tank. There are many of these tanks available at local hardware stores and online. You can install your own catchment system if you have the appropriate materials. If you do not feel comfortable installing your own catchment system, it is very important that you find a company that will install it for you. Most companies offer free estimates and many will even come to your home.

After you have installed your catchment system you will want to setup your garden. Watering should only occur when necessary. If your flower beds are covered with soil, they will need to be watered every couple of weeks. Overwatering your garden is not healthy and can lead to devastating structural damage. It can also ruin your grass and cause your plants to die.

If your garden is exposed to sunlight there is no need to water it. You should only water your areas that need water. This means that you should not water your rose bushes or any other plants that will not normally need water. A catchment system can provide the proper moisture to your plants by transferring the water through the roots.

You should also understand how your catchment system works. Your catchment system is responsible for collecting rainwater. It then directs this water down into a variety of areas. You want to place pavers in your landscape in such a way as to help the water run off freely. If water runs off and on it will attract bugs, rodents and insects. The less water that runs off in this fashion the healthier your lawn will become.

You want to place pavers that are slightly larger than your pots in your catchment system. This helps to retain some of the water so it does not run dry quickly. You will also want to avoid using too much water when watering your plants. The water that you collect from your catchment system should only be about half of the water that your plants would normally need.

You can make sure that your catchment system works properly by having a professional water test performed. This water will help you learn where the water goes and how it is distributed within your catchment system. This is very important because this is how your plants will get the proper amount of water to grow properly. If you do not have a professional inspect your catchment system, you will not know if there are any leaks or if anything is wrong with your system.

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