When I was growing up, my dad taught us all about camping. He showed us how to set up a cabin, what to bring and how to cook it. He taught us the importance of having a first aid kit on hand and the value of using the skills learned in camp to avoid harm from potential hazards. If more parents will take into consideration the simple things they teach their kids while camp, their children’s lives will be safer.

– Waterproof matches are an excellent tool to have. Have some matches and lighter fluid readily available. Have them in different kits too. A common way to start a fire at camp is by having matches, lighter fluid, and fire wood. In case of a fire, having water on hand can help put out the flames.

– Always have the right clothing. While camp may be fun, you should make sure you are comfortable. Protect your skin from sunburns and other harsh elements. Pack for humidity. Pack for cold weather.

– Sunglasses protect your eyes from the sun. Sunglasses are a common item used in the forest. If you get too much sun, you may have to wear sunglasses. They may protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Be sure to pack plenty of them.

– Don’t forget to bring insect repellent, sunscreen, and first-aid kit. You never know when you will become a victim of bug bites or stings. Bring enough insect repellent to cover yourself. There is nothing worse than finding yourself covered with mosquito bites. Protecting yourself from bugs will help keep bugs away, which will also help keep camp fun.

– There are several poisonous plants and herbs growing in camp areas. Many of them are edible so you may want to look into the plant identification before you begin eating them. Look up the National Parks toxicity list to ensure you and your family are not eating any harmful plants.

– If you suspect you may be dehydrated, head to a water treatment facility. You can buy a portable water filter that you can carry with you. It can replace tap water on a camping trip. This is much safer than buying a large bottle of water at the campground. If you do become dehydrated, try drinking lots of water – eight to ten glasses a day are recommended.

– Bring plenty of clean clothes. Wash them before you sleep. This will make it easier to remove bodily fluids, which will reduce the risk of infections. Pack a small garbage bag to use to throw any bodily fluids, like food, into. Make sure your shoes and socks are dry by the time you leave the campground. In case they are not, make extra room by packing an extra shirt and pair of socks.

– Make your own meals at your camp. If your camp has a grocery store, stock up on items you will need for meals such as cereals, breads and pasta. Or, create your own food items. For example, bring along fruit, vegetables, a tuna can, milk and peanut butter. Be sure to pack your water in a container large enough to hold all of your food.

– Plan where you will sleep. A leaky tent may cause you to be more comfortable if your child does sleep in a separate room. Also, make sure you have a sound sleep area. Do not, under any circumstances, leave a room open to the night. If you are in a tent, use a mosquito repellant or camp stove burn bag to keep bugs away. Keep your child’s personal hygiene in mind when packing for camp, including using a tent to sleep in and taking a bath only after your child has bathed.

– Make sure everyone in your family eats a meal. This includes your children. Stock up on foods that your children will enjoy at camp. You may also enjoy special foods at camp. For instance, at a summer camp in Texas all the children get a pizza, everyone wears a summer dress, and there is a “pantsuit parade.”

While it may be tempting to plan a camping trip with the family just for the fun of it, remember that it is a very expensive proposition. Food, tents, activities, parks, and other fees add up quickly. Make your plans wisely and do it correctly. If you do that, you can save money and have fun at the same time!

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