This is the story of a desperate family’s struggle to survive when the typhoon wiped out most of their village. typhoon is one of the strongest typhoons in the Western Hemisphere. The typhoon is named after its strongest winds, which often reach 130 miles an hour. And the Philippines is in the path of this deadly typhoon. Here are some 11 Typhoon Lagoon tips for those who live in areas that could be in the path of this devastating typhoon.

Power Outages – Most people here in the Philippines don’t have regular electricity. And most people rely on candles for light. Since electricity is so unreliable in the typhoon zones, most villages lack power supply. So the best way to light up is with candles. Another great source of light here is the small battery powered lanterns that most people bring with them as they go about their daily activities.

Water – Lots of it! It’s essential to have plenty of water on hand because the conditions in the typhoon will turn water into blood. And water can only become blood when it has been consumed. If you have lots of water on hand, you can drink to your thirst and avoid being stranded with no source of water.

Shelter – Get the basics. As mentioned earlier, the typhoon will make water turn to blood. Therefore, it is very important to have shelter and protection against the wind, rain and rains. A covered and closed area is better than staying in the open because you can at least protect yourself against the elements.

Food – Make sure you have food ready for when you’re in the middle of the typhoon. Since electricity might be out for days, you need to have food and water on you. And this doesn’t mean you can’t have them. Make sure you store the food properly to prevent spoiling. And if you are out for a long time, food can be dehydrated to store it longer.

Medicine – Get the essentials. Bring along your diabetes medicine, anti-cholesterol tablets, and medicine for your brain. Make sure you also carry your medication for any heart problems that may happen.

Flashlights/Flashlights – Bring enough flashlights/flashlights with you to ensure that you can perform normal day-to-day functions like cooking, cleaning and light bulb maintenance. This is especially important if you live in a place where electricity can’t be easily accessed. Also, bring extra batteries for flashlights. Don’t forget your candles and lanterns as well.

Shelter – Put some shelters in place. typhoons are known for delivering huge rain bands and heavy winds. When this happens, it’s better to be prepared by having shelters where you can stay like caravans, cabins, or tents. Always remember to seal them and secure them well. And make sure there are enough supplies and materials to last you until it’s safe to go out again.

Emergency kits – Don’t forget your emergency kits. It should include medications, bandages, cleaning materials, antibiotics, painkillers, antifungal ointments, etc. If you’re lucky, your kit may also contain first aid materials. In any case, be sure that you have medicines for all sicknesses, so you won’t have to suffer from dehydration or from serious illness.

Water – Staying hydrated is extremely important. Don’t forget to bring plenty of water to drink and purify the water that you do get from streams, lakes or rivers. If you can, avoid bringing bottled water. Bring water packets made of plastic with your refill pack. Bring plenty of food and water and make sure you stay well-hydrated.

Medicine – Be sure that you have a supply of medications at your disposal. You may not always be able to get to a doctor on time. If you do, be sure to have all the necessary medicines before you leave the island. Also, if you’re going out for an extended period of time, it is wise to bring along extra prescription medicines.

Shelter – When it comes to shelter, you should follow the simple and basic tips that you can find on the internet. You can either stay at hotels or shelters that are provided by relief organizations. If you want to be able to stay at home, it would be wise to take photos and a lot of notes about your current situation on the internet to make sure that you’ll be able to get a visit from someone if you need help.

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