Have you ever wanted to know some 11 survival tricks to keep you alive in the woods? It’s a lot better to be able to get help if you need it than to die alone. You never know when you’ll lose your way or be eaten by an animal that likes to prey on unprepared victims. You can also have a lot of trouble breathing in some areas. Keep reading to learn some simple ways to stay safe out in the wilderness.

Don’t ever walk through thick brush where there are snakes. It’s too easy to get lost and end up in trouble. Also, make sure that you don’t climb too high into the trees. Sometimes the branches are so high that you can’t get down.

If you run into a bear, it’s best not to run away. Instead, roll as hard as you can and flatten yourself onto the ground. When a bear charges, it will take more energy to bring you down than it will to keep you on the ground. Aim for their hind quarters, and if you are prepared to fight back the best way to do it is to attack from the side, and not from the front.

You should also try to stay calm and avoid panic. Panic is a survival mechanism that will help you overcome fear. However, if you let it get the best of you will be in serious trouble. If you’re unable to keep calm then use some basic first aid skills such as rubbing ice around your eyes and mouth, and breathing deeply.

Some animals will attack when they hear you approaching, but some will stay still if they can. Find out what works for you. If you hear noises behind you while you are walking, you need to stop and find something to do so that you don’t get trampled. Look around your area for hazards, cracks or other points of danger. Once you are safe, make sure you have food and water, and your medical kit with you.

If you encounter bears, you should try to humanly answer the animal with kindness and listen to it. If you are bare skin, they tend to be friendly. Listen to its demands, and when you can safely tell it that it is not wanted it is okay to walk away. The best thing you can do at this point is to call the local authorities. Stay on your toes and always watch out for new animals entering the scene. You may need to take action, but if you are careful you should be able to handle most situations.

When a bear comes close to you it’s important to turn away and try to get out of its way. Stand up straight and look down in the direction of the bear is heading, if you can see the bear from above you and walk towards it with plenty of room between you and it. If you are trying to approach a bear from behind it’s important to raise your arms so that it notices you and doesn’t turn and hit you.

Being alone is scary, and possibly dangerous if you aren’t prepared for it. Make sure you are safe, and that you know how to stay safe in a situation where you might need to survive. You also want to be sure that you are able to carry your equipment and food back to your place of rest before you are forced out due to danger. This way, if the worst happens you can be protected.

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