100 Skills Every Man Should Know

As the world becomes more and more globalized, it’s becoming easier for people to encounter new languages and cultures. This can be both exciting or confusing, depending on your personality type, but what’s important is that you should learn how to adapt.

The “100 skills every woman should know” is a list of 100 skills that every man should learn. It includes things like cooking, cleaning, and how to be a good husband.

We’ve chosen to reprint a vintage essay each Friday to assist our younger readers discover some of the greatest, evergreen jewels from the past, with our archives currently totaling over 3,500 items. The original version of this essay was published in September of 2015.

For ages, it’s been the subject of many a heated argument among males.

What are the talents that every guy should have?

On the topic, a great deal of ink and e-ink has been spilled. But why is that?

Being competent and successful in the world is a part of being a man. You’ll need abilities to do this. A guy wants to know (or at least believe) that no matter what scenario he finds himself in, he will be able to manage it – to act rather than be acted upon. As a result, we’re always trying to figure out what talents we’ll need to be confident and capable in our masculine duties as procreators, guardians, and providers.

This required skill set was obvious and relatively small for primitive man, mostly centered on the tasks of fighting and hunting.

Today’s skillset, on the other hand, are more broader. The contemporary man must be a warrior as well as a diplomat, a hunter as well as a scholar. We need both hard and soft abilities; skills that we utilize on a daily basis as well as skills that we hold in reserve just in case.

We’ve covered many of these abilities on the Art of Manliness throughout the years, so we decided it was time to contribute to the collective cultural project of determining which skills a well-rounded, adult man should possess. The AoM list of 100 abilities that every guy should know may be found below.

1. Put on a Necktie

Even in today’s casual world, when millionaire CEOs wear hoodies, every guy should know how to knot a tie. A stylish necktie is excellent for a variety of situations, including funerals, weddings, and job interviews, all of which you’ll be attending throughout your adult life. You don’t want to be the 30-year-old who has to ask his mother to knot his tie.

2. Make a Campfire

Men built a camp fire.

Men and fire have a long history together. Man’s relationship to fire still survives, even if it is no longer vital for our existence. It’s thrilling and soothing, scary and reassuring. Nothing compares to sitting around a roaring fire beneath a starry sky, poking the flames with a stick, and pondering life’s major issues. A guy should know how to create a fire only for those reasons. It’s also important to know so you can make a fire when camping and prepare a satisfying supper for yourself and your companions. Using Duraflame logs is a cardinal evil that will condemn you to the depths of hell, where you will weep and gnash your teeth.

3. Hang a Painting

Perhaps the most typical “honey-do” is being asked to put a painting on the wall. Knowing the essentials of wall hangings and where to hang prints on the wall, although not an exact science, can guarantee that your house has charm that will wow visiting dates and parents, as well as pleasure your main squeeze.


4. Make Your Shoes Shine

Man is shining his shoes.

A pair of shoes with a mirror sheen may complete a well-dressed ensemble. Shoe polishing is a pleasurable, masculine ritual that relaxes the mind in addition to keeping your shoes in good condition. The repeated strokes of the shine brush, along with the pleasant scent of shoe shine polish, are enough to induce a state of meditation. Build your own shoe shine box to go the extra mile.

5. Take care of a snakebite

Snakes have been one of man’s biggest foes since the start of time. They slither, sneak, hiss, and generally aren’t nice for anybody. If you happen to come across a dangerous snake (learn how to recognize them here! ), it’s important to know how to treat a bite. Hint: most old wives’ stories are just that, so don’t waste your time attempting to extract the poison.

6. Pick up a book to read

Man is reading a book.

1) Leave the book open. 2) Read the words aloud. 3) Put the book away. 4) Proceed to the next book. Reading a book seems to be a very simple process, doesn’t it? And it is in certain circumstances. It may be that simple if you’re reading just for pleasure or enjoyment. But there’s another sort of reading, in which we at least try to get something useful out of the book we’re holding (whether in paper or tablet form). In such circumstances, you must learn particular skills in order to go deeper into the text and extract all of the marrow.

7. Defend Yourself Against a Bear Attack

Although bear assaults are uncommon, a man should constantly be on the lookout. You never know when you’ll need this knowledge, whether you’re going camping for the weekend or just going for a morning trip. I came saw not one, but two black bears on a popular path in Rocky Mountain National Park only weeks after compiling the material for our AoM guide on the subject. It does occur. With this helpful information in hand, I was unusually calm, and I felt convinced that if need had beckoned, I could have taken down those black bears. Unfortunately, it did not, and I lamented the loss of the beautiful rug I had been anticipating for my living room.

8. Shave Wet

Man is shaving.

Shaving with an electric razor is quick and straightforward, and multi-bladed razors can give you a tight shave. The male ritual of shaving with a safety razor or straight razor, on the other hand, is unrivaled. Traditional wet shaving restores a sense of expertise to what has otherwise become a thoughtless grooming ritual. It helps you to be more aware and present. Furthermore, traditional wet shaving is far less expensive than utilizing multi-blade cartridges. It will only cost you roughly 25 cents to purchase a blade. Feeling masculine while saving money? It’s a win-win scenario.

Parallel Park (number 9)

In the suburbs, you may park your car in the endless drive-in lots in front of large box businesses. It’s a different story if you go downtown. Yes, there are parking garages, but the majority of parking is on the street close to the curb (not to mention the cheapest), which necessitates parallel parking skills. You don’t want to be the person who is always backing up and going ahead after several unsuccessful efforts at moving forward.


Canoeing is number ten on the list.

A guy is paddling a boat.

One of man’s greatest pleasures is paddling leisurely over the lake. There are few greater leisure activities than going on a date with your lady or just enjoying nature on a solitary adventure. While paddling may seem as effortless as riding a bike, captaining a canoe requires a certain amount of competence. Don’t be the person or couple that can’t go ahead because they paddle inefficiently or even topple over and end up in the water.

Listen to our podcast discussing the importance of acquiring new skills as an adult: 


11. Negotiate/Haggle

Negotiation is either a part of daily life or a disagreeable activity that is intentionally avoided whenever possible, depending on where you are in the globe. But here’s a reality that many of us, particularly those in the Western world, overlook: many of your economic transactions may be bargained, whether you recognize it or not. Knowing how to negotiate may save you (or your company) a lot of money on anything from hotel rooms to rental vehicles to intricate business negotiations. Sure, it’s uncomfortable at first, but with experience, you’ll become more confident and skilled at bargaining.

12. Repair a Faucet That Is Leaking

A man is fixing a leaky faucet.

Drip. Drip. Drip. When a guy is attempting to sleep in the middle of the night, it might drive him insane. It may also end up costing you money in the long run, both in terms of water and handyman services. While plumbing is not typically a do-it-yourself activity, repairing a leaking faucet is usually a straightforward affair. You can regain your sanity in no time with a few tools, a trip to your local hardware store, and this instructions from This Old House.

13. Take Care of a Burn

Burns may occur at any time and in any location. Spilled coffee, a naughty bonfire, an overheated automobile engine – our world is full with heat-related dangers. If you have a first-degree or even second-degree burn, you can nearly always treat it yourself. A few pointers: Cool, not cold, water should be used to gradually cool the afflicted region. Clean the burn and use antibiotic ointment, but don’t burst the blisters since this raises the risk of infection.

14. Crack a joke

A man is telling a joke to his friends.

The art of the well-told joke is a disappearing ability in the era of dank memes and viral videos. Knowing how to make people laugh without using your smartphone to show a person being kicked in the nuts will set you apart from the crowd. Plus, knowing how to deliver a well-timed joke will be some of the only amusement you have when you’re out in the middle of nowhere with no mobile phone connection.

15. Make Weather Predictions

If you follow local news for weather forecasts or check your smartphone for them, you know how often they are completely incorrect. While forecasting has gone a long way, some of the most reliable tools are the ones that have been around the longest. Barometers, for example, can predict the weather for the following 24-48 hours as accurately as any professional prediction. Beyond scientific tools, even ancient proverbs like “Red skies at night, sailors rejoice; red skies in the morning, sailors beware” have numerous grains of truth. Soon, your own forecasts will be better than those of your local weatherman.


16. Execute a proper deadlift

Do a deadlift properly.

The deadlift strengthens the muscles that enable you to lift objects off the ground, which is one of the most fundamental human activities. No other exercise, apart from the squat, offers as much versatility as the deadlift. And hoisting 400+ pounds off the ground with a barbell is just simple wonderful.

17. Recite a Poem by Heart

There’s something different about reciting a poem from memory than merely reading it over and again. The phrases get ingrained in your mind. It doesn’t matter if the words aren’t your own; when you recite them from memory, they sound like they’re coming straight from your heart. In difficult circumstances, reciting a poem from memory may inspire you and others with inspiration and solace. Plus, being how to drop a few lines from a poem into a discussion with ease might make you seem like the World’s Most Interesting Man.

18. Charcoal Grilling

A man is grilling with charcoal.

Men have been cooking with charcoal for thousands of years, even though the propane barbeque grill has only been available since the 1950s. Charcoal needs a bit more expertise and attention than just pressing a button to start a fire, and most people agree that it produces a better-tasting result. Learn how to ignite a charcoal barbecue.

19. Start CPR.

Calling 911 and waiting for paramedics may not be enough in certain emergency scenarios. One of them is in the event of a heart attack or other situation in which a person becomes unconscious and has difficulty breathing. One-quarter of Americans, believe it or not, admit they’ve been in a similar circumstance. Don’t be caught off guard. While traditional CPR is important, you should also be familiar with the new hands-only approach, which may be performed on teens and adults.

20. Make a Spiral

Throwing a spiral.

You’ll need to know how to throw a beautiful, tight football spiral whether you’re playing catch with your kids on a Saturday or playing all-time quarterback in this year’s Thanksgiving Turkey Bowl.

21. Attach a Button

You’re rushing to get ready for work, and one of your excellent oxford shirts pops off as you button it up. You’ve known it was shaky and that the time would come for a reckoning. What is a guy to do in such a situation? Of course, sew it back on! While sewing may seem to be a talent reserved for women, learning how to make a quick garment patch might come in useful when you’re in a crisis.

22. Firewood that has been split

Split firewood.

Yes, most of us have central heating to keep our homes warm in the winter, but there’s nothing quite like the warm glow of a fireplace fire to keep you warm. However, in order for the large logs to fit into your fireplace, you’ll need to split them. And, let’s be honest, splitting wood is more about the joy a guy receives when his maul goes neatly through a log and splits it in one stroke than it is about cutting your heating expense. It’s also a terrific way to get some exercise.


23. Locate Water That Is Safe To Drink

When you’re stranded in the woods, your primary concerns are food, shelter, and water, with the last being the most critical. Collecting rainwater is one technique of obtaining clean drinking water. If you’re planning to utilize lake or river water, you’ll need to purify it first, which you may accomplish with filtration, iodine pills, or other ways.

24. Repair a Flat Tire

A man is changing a flat tire.

The “flop flip” of a flat tire is the most demoralizing sound a motorist can hear. Rather of condemning it, use a flat tire as an opportunity to demonstrate your male capability by replacing it yourself. Knowing how to replace a tire can save your life if you’re stuck on a lonely stretch of roadway, and it will also come in useful if you’re assisting a damsel in distress or a hapless traveler on the side of the road.

Breaking Down a Door is number 25 on the list.

You’re trapped in a burning home with no way out since the door is on fire. Alternatively, your loved ones may be trapped in a blazing home, and you are locked out. You can’t just stand there messing with the lock; you have to dismantle it! Perhaps a family member is suffering from a medical issue and is confined to a room or their home. What should I do? Dammit, be a guy! Break the door down! You’ve always wanted to do it.

26. Take the Ideal Photograph

Take the perfect photo.

With the invention of the smartphone, almost everyone now has a high-resolution HD camera in their pocket at all times. Unfortunately, just because you have a camera doesn’t imply you can take nice images with it. Don’t allow a bad snapshot ruin one of life’s most unforgettable moments. Play around with your camera, get to know the different settings, and learn the fundamentals of what makes a good photograph.

Sharpen a Knife (number 27)

Blades are one of man’s most vital tools, from pocket knives to kitchen knives to survival knives. A dull blade, on the other hand, makes your blades ineffective and hazardous. You’ll always be ready to slice off a piece of apple or even murder a deadly raccoon if you know how to sharpen a blade and do it on a regular basis.

28. Replace a Diaper

Change a diaper.

You’ll change a poop-filled diaper at some time in your life, possibly for a nephew or godson, even if you don’t want to be a father. Many men are put off by the process, but there isn’t much to it, and there are a few methods that may help it go quickly and efficiently.

29. Make a Presentation

Throughout our life, we are all confronted with chances to communicate. A flair for public speaking makes you a more compelling and powerful guy, whether you’re competing for student council president, giving a presentation at work, getting your views heard at a city council meeting, or giving a eulogy.

30. Use a map and compass to navigate

Navigating with map and compass.

Sure, we have phones that have Google Maps and can provide us with turn-by-turn instructions. But what if you don’t have access to a phone because you’re out in the middle of nowhere and can’t get a signal? What will you do now to go back to your posh ski lodge? Of course, you’ll need a map and compass. This has been one of the most powerful abilities I’ve acquired throughout the years. It just feels great to know that by using a compass and a topographic map, I can cross miles and get to where I need to go.


Unclog a Toilet (number 31)

Some clogs can clear up with a few flushes, but occasionally you drop a monster so large that it will require some effort and know-how to unclog the toilet. Know how to unclog a toilet without using a plunger for bonus points. When you clog the toilet at your girlfriend’s parents’ home and don’t want to ask for a plunger, this will come in handy.

32. Purchase a Suit

Buy a suit.

In your lifetime, you’ll probably purchase two or three suits. If you get the proper one, it will be years, if not a decade, before you need to buy another, so know what to look for in a great suit — how it should fit, how it should be made, the details you should pay attention to, and the changes that can bring it close to perfection. You’ll be able to assist friends and relatives navigate the haberdashery so they don’t squander money on a shoddy-looking garment by understanding how to purchase a suit.

Swim the Front Stroke (number 33).

Swimming is a survival skill as well as an enjoyable leisure sport. Knowing how to swim the front stroke might not only help you win a gold medal (even if it’s just in your backyard olympics), but it could also save your life one day. It’s the quickest of the main swimming strokes, and it’s one of the first things each swimmer learns in the water. If you haven’t already done so, seek out a teacher and get right in!

Shake Hands (number 34)

Shake hands.

A solid handshake is a crucial aspect of making a positive first impression. Warmth and confidence are shown by a full-grip handshake delivered with exactly the proper amount of pressure and accompanied by staring the person in the eyes. A weak, dead-fish shake or a crushing death hold, on the other hand, will set the tone for your encounter. Or, I suppose, hand.

35. Frostbite Treatment

When it’s 0 degrees outside and there’s a 15mph wind, frostbite takes just 30 minutes to develop. Reduce the temperature or increase the wind speed, and that number drops to 10 or even 5 minutes. You may have frostbite if you notice a loss of color or sensation in your extremities (frostbite affects your body at its furthest locations from your center). The first approach is to gradually rewarm the afflicted regions using warm water rather than hot water.

36. Make Sure Your Clothes Are Ironed

Iron your clothes.

You have a pair of tailored pants and a bespoke shirt, but the whole ensemble is a disaster since you couldn’t find the time or didn’t know how to straighten your clothing. Many guys don’t know how to iron their trousers or shirts since their mothers did it for them and the Mrs. took over after they married. However, every guy will face a time in his life when he is on his own and must iron his own clothes. It’s not difficult and just takes five minutes, but it can make a big difference in whether an outfit looks polished or messy.


37. Get in the habit of being aware of your surroundings.

Every day, we may come across a situation that puts our safety in jeopardy – an active shooter, a crazy coworker, or simply a distracted motorist. We’re often so involved in our own thoughts that we don’t recognize the danger until it’s too late. It’s commonly stated in the tactical realm that the greatest way to win a battle is to avoid getting into one in the first place. You’ll need to improve your situational awareness to do so. Situational awareness is not just being aware of what is going on around you, but also having a strategy in place for what to do if anything goes wrong.

38. Pull-Up Properly

Do a proper pull up.

The pull-up is one of the most effective upper-body workouts, yet most people don’t know how to execute it correctly. Start with an overhand hold on the bar and a dead hang. Pull yourself up to the point where your chin is clear of the bar. Repeat the process of lowering oneself down in a methodical way. There will be no kipping.

39. Construct a Shelter

Shelter will give much-needed protection from the elements in any survival situation. You can assure that you will not only survive a night (or longer) with only a few basic resources (wood, reflector blankets, and fire) and a little bit of know-how.

Grow Your Own Food (number 40)

Grow your own food.

Growing your own food is not only a fun and relaxing pastime, but it also helps you develop self-reliance and antifragility. Unpronounceable chemicals and additives abound in today’s diets, while complete, natural foods are still prohibitively pricey. Why not save money and enjoy double the taste by growing your own fruits and vegetables? Are you looking for additional reasons to establish a garden? Here are seven of them.

41. Prepare the Eggs

If for no other reason than their adaptability, eggs are a breakfast staple. They may be used in sandwiches, scrambles, omelets, or eaten raw or cooked directly out of the shell. If you can master a few different methods to boil eggs, you’ll be a breakfast connoisseur who will wow your significant other, or your children, depending on your social status. Scrambled, fried, poached, and hard-boiled eggs are the most common variations, and they’re all simple to master in just a few minutes.

42. Engage in small talk

Make small talk.

Do you wish an acquaintance doesn’t notice you when you encounter them at a store? Is it terrifying to think of going to a party when you only know one person? Do you constantly trying to generate the guts to speak to the gorgeous girl who prepares your lattes at the local coffee shop, but all you can manage is your order when you walk up to the counter? Small conversation is a paradox to which we may all relate in some manner. It’s awkward at times, but it can be life-changing; you never know whether the person you’re standing across from will turn out to be a terrific friend, colleague, or even a wife.


43. Know the Difference Between Poisonous and Edible Plants

A walk in the woods is almost usually a pleasurable experience; however, noticing a red, itchy rash the following day is not. Poison ivy, poison oak, and poison sumac infect millions of Americans each year. These are the most frequent irritants, although they are by no means exhaustive. It’s useful to know which plants might hurt you as well as which plants can save your life in a crisis. Knowing your foliage, both good and bad, is an essential talent for every guy.

Do a Front Dive (number 44).

Do a front dive.

Knowing how to dive correctly, like swimming, is not only a pleasant talent to acquire, but it may also save your life. The dive is the method to go in a situation when you need to get into the water fast, such as a sinking boat. Rather of needing to start from a stop while treading water, it drives you forward with a boost of momentum.

45. Shuffle the Deck

When you’re playing a card game, with the shuffling rotated, and one of the players has to meekly pass the deck because they don’t have this basic, macho ability, it’s always unexpected. If you’re playing cards, whether it’s poker, euchre, or gin rummy, you should be able to shuffle the deck and do it with style!

46. Hunt

Hunting with a dog.

Author Robert Ardrey discusses studies and beliefs that claim that the capacity to hunt is what made humans human in his book The Hunting Hypothesis. Hunting has always been a man’s domain since our hunter-gatherer ancestors. Hunting, according to Ardrey, has been a way for males to show nurturing and loving behavior from the dawn of time. Knowing how to hunt can help you to supply for yourself and your family even if you don’t have access to a food store, in addition to connecting with our primordial heritage. In fact, a single hunting season may give your family with enough meat to last a year. Say good-bye to your meat costs.

47. Pour Beer Correctly

Is it really all that important how you pour your beer? Isn’t beer, beer, beer, regardless of how it’s served? That may be true if you’re drinking low-quality beer (I won’t name names), but it may make all the difference when you’re enjoying a superb brew. The scents and tastes produced by a correctly poured beer can only be found under the ideal circumstances and with the agitation of a properly poured beer.

Perform the Fireman’s Carry (number 48).

Perform the fireman's carry.

Do you know how to rescue someone’s life by carrying them to safety, even if you have the physical power to do so? The “fireman’s carry” is something that every men should be able to do. It’s a good strategy to spread someone’s weight so you can transport them across great distances with little effort. Use the fireman’s carry the next time you have to carry a wounded person out of a burning building, down a hiking route, or from the battlefield.


49. How to Open a Bottle Without Using a Bottle Opener

You’ve arrived at the campground with your pals and a cooler full of chilled beer, only to find you forgot to bring the bottle opener. That’s no issue for you since you’re an expert at improvising. We’ve compiled a list of 9 MacGyver-style bottle openers for when you’re out of openers. You’ll never be caught off guard again.

50. Toss a Line in the Water

Cast a fishing line.

Since the beginning of time, dads have handed on their fishing skills to their sons. It’s not only a pleasant and peaceful way to spend a morning or afternoon, but it also harkens back to our caveman and caveson days, when fishing was more than a recreational activity, but a survival skill. And isn’t it one of the first stages in learning to fish? Having a good understanding of how to cast a line.

51. Be able to communicate in a foreign language

Traveling the globe might be exciting, but you’ll never be able to fully immerse yourself in the cultures you visit unless you understand the local language. Speaking a second (or third) language helps you to engage with people and get access to areas that are only accessible to passing tourists. Speaking another language may help you succeed in business, improve your mind, and even assist you in a tactical scenario; after all, James Bond was fluent in four languages and proficient in four more.

52. Driving in the Snow

Drive in snow.

Even if you’ve done it before, driving in the snow is a nerve-wracking experience. The light gleams off the snow-covered countryside, black ice looms around every bend and underpass, and you’re not sure you have the abilities to avoid a crash. Remember that slow and steady wins the race while driving in the winter (although you shouldn’t be racing on a snowy road!).

Perform the Heimlich Maneuver (number 53).

Even though you’ve undoubtedly heard of the Heimlich technique a million times and seen it dramatized a thousand times, many people have no idea what to do beyond wrapping their arms around the person and squeezing them in some way. Because the abdominal thrusts required by the Heimlich procedure might inflict harm, it should only be used as a last resort after other options have been exhausted, such as persuading the victim to cough and slapping them on the back. However, if you must use this strategy, you must be able to execute it properly.

54. Go on a Date with a Woman

Ask a woman on a date.

Too frequently, a man’s manliness is measured by how many random women he can bed. However, one of the characteristics that distinguishes man from animals is his capacity and willingness to devote his love efforts to a single woman at a time. Being a lover and romancer distinguishes us as human beings rather than simply another Discovery Channel animal. The date is the most important item in the romantic man’s armory. The format of the date enables a guy to demonstrate his abilities to court a girl. Unfortunately, few men have taken up the task of becoming artistic pursuers in recent years, as our dating talents have been afflicted by the hangout disease. Don’t be that kind of guy. Get your loins girded and go out on a date with a lady!


Always Know North (number 55)

A guy always knows where he’s going, whether it’s philosophically or practically on the path. He can locate North without the need of a computer. Of course, using a compass is the simplest and most reliable approach, but there are others as well, such as using an analog timepiece, sticks and shadows, constellations in the night sky, and moss growing on trees and rocks. However, each of these ways for locating North necessitates a high level of expertise and delicacy, so it’s a talent you’ll need to learn before you truly need it.

56. Cut Down a Tree

Cutting a tree.

So, you know how to split wood, but where do you obtain the logs to begin with? You could purchase them, but it would be a waste of money. No, you must go into the woods and cut down your own tree. If you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s a risky activity, but boy is it satisfying to hear a tree fall to the forest floor with an echoing “THUMP!” After a long day of falling trees, reward yourself with a big dish of pancakes slathered with Vermont maple syrup.

57. Back-Up/Hitch a Trailer

So you’ve chosen to rent an Airstream for your ideal road trip across America, or you’ve decided to borrow a boat for a weekend of fishing. Awesome. Do you know how to connect your car to the boat trailer and Airstream? Do you know how to back up a trailer without ruining the area around you after it’s attached to your car? Knowing how to hitch and back up a trailer can open up a world of outdoor enjoyment possibilities for you, so go out there and learn.

Play Poker (number 58)

Men are playing poker.

Going to a casino for a bachelor party or a friend’s home for a casual poker night might be scary if you’ve never played poker before. The game’s rules are difficult enough to grasp (does my two pair defeat your three of a kind? No, it does not. ), but you must also be familiar with betting regulations and gaming etiquette. Thankfully, with a few tricks up your sleeve, you’ll no longer feel like a newbie in no time.

59. Use cursive writing

Sending a lovely, handwritten letter every now and then may set you apart from the crowd in this day of texts, tweets, and emails. Write your message in cursive to stand out even more from the crowd. It simply looks nice and gives your notes some individuality. Also, it’s not only for letters. Cursive makes journaling more contemplative because of the continuous strokes.

60. Land a knockout blow

Throw a knockout punch.

Avoid getting into a fight if you can, but if you can’t avoid it, put an end to it as soon as possible with a knockout strike. Open your opponent up with high jabs and a couple fakes; once he lowers his guard, strike him in the kisser with a strong straight blow. The lights have been turned off.


61. Make Your Own Pancakes

Pancakes are a fan favorite because of their simply delicious nature. While eggs are a morning staple because of their convenience and variety, pancakes are a popular favorite because of their simply pleasant nature. They’re light and fluffy, with a variety of delectable toppings including butter, syrup, peanut butter, fruit, and whipped cream. A thick stack of pancakes is the perfect way to start a quiet weekend with your family. You’ll be a Saturday morning hero if you know how to cook pancakes from scratch.

62. Be a Boat Captain

Skipper a boat.

One of man’s greatest abilities is that he is an amphibious organism capable of both land and sea travel. You should not only be able to travel through water using your own strength, but you should also be able to skim its surface by understanding how to pilot a boat — and not only those with an engine and steering wheel. Every guy should know how to captain traditional sea boats, from tying nautical knots to keeping the boat balanced and regulating the sails.

63. Wear Appropriate Clothing

Black-tie. Semi-formal. The dress code is business casual. Do you ever wonder what these phrases imply when you read them on an invitation to an event? With a little research and practice, you’ll be able to recognize the distinctions on your own — for example, that business casual implies a sports coat and khakis (or even jeans, depending on where you live). You never want to be the guy who shows up to a semi-formal affair with trousers and a button-top.

64. Archery with a Bow and Arrow

Shoot a bow and arrow.

“I am a big fan of the bow and arrow for a variety of reasons, and I personally believe that anyone who is interested in primitive survival skills or modern urban survival should seriously consider purchasing a good bow and arrow and becoming proficient in using it,” says our survival guru Creek Stewart. For hunters and survivalists, the weapon’s mobility, adaptability, and affordability (you can even construct your own) make it a top pick.

65. Stick Shift Driving

It’s so pedestrian to drive an automated car. You really feel like you’re a part of your automobile when you drive a stick shift. Driving a manual transmission automobile is not just a labor, but also a delight, thanks to the synchronization of man and machine. Plus, having a manual makes your automobile almost theft-proof Because it’s such a forgotten talent that even if a thief were to get in, they wouldn’t know how to drive away with your car.

66. Perform a Correct Push-Up

Do a proper push up.

Push-ups are always an option if you don’t have access to a gym. Your chest, shoulders, triceps, and biceps are all worked out. Even if you have access to a gym, include push-ups into your daily regimen. My acquaintance, an 85-year-old attorney, attributed his longevity and good health to daily office push-up routines.

67. Choose a Lock

Kicking down a door is a terrific ability to have, but when unlocking a closed door, you need to be a little more discrete. Who wants to spend money on a new door every time they lock themselves out? This is when lock-picking comes into play. This ability not only makes you useful and saves you money on replacing doors or contacting a locksmith, but it also makes you feel like Jason Bourne.


68. Combine two classic cocktails in a shaker

Mix two classic cocktails.

If you’re out on the town with your significant other, a decent drink might cost anywhere from $8 to $20. That’s a lot of money for a beverage, particularly when you can make ones at home for a quarter of the price that taste just as good (if not better!). Knowing how to prepare at least two distinct cocktails, rather than being a one-trick pony, will make you feel like a true mixologist and wow your visitors. Learn how to prepare traditional cocktails like the martini and the Manhattan; extra points if you can create some unique beverages for your non-drinking buddies.

Field Dress Game (No. 69)

You’ll need to know how to dress your kill so that it’s ready for butchering and eating whether you hunt frequently to fill your freezer with meat or you’re lost in the woods and need to eat a squirrel to live. If you’ve never dressed a game before, start with a little animal like a squirrel or a rabbit. It’s less messy, and the same fundamental concepts that apply to smaller game animals also apply to bigger game animals like deer.

70. Pick a song to play on the guitar

Play one song on the guitar.

At gatherings and campfires, the guitar often appears, and it is frequently handed around so that those who know how to play may strum out some melodies while everyone sings along. Why not keep it and sing a song of your own instead of passing it on to the next guy? It’s simple to dominate a room by getting a group of people to sing a song while you provide the music. Chicks also like a guy who can play the guitar.

71. Be Careful When Using a Chainsaw

In the aftermath of a severe thunderstorm or ice storm, your yard is likely to be littered with broken and fallen limbs. You’ll need to hack them up with a chainsaw to clean them up. Learn how to use one carefully so that you don’t accidently chop off one of your limbs.

72. How to Squat Correctly

Do a squat properly.

A decent lower-body exercise doesn’t need a lot of leg equipment; all you need is a barbell and some plates. Squats are one of the most effective workouts for increasing overall strength. They train your quads, hamstrings, hips, buttocks, back, and core in addition to your quads and hamstrings. The barbell squat is divided into two types: high bar (seen above) and low bar. Both of them should be learned. They target various muscles and may be utilized in a variety of strength-training exercises.

73. Prepare a Steak

The simplicity of a well-cooked steak is its charm. There are no fancy spices, just a little salt and pepper and a little heat. You can dine like a king for the rest of your life if you know how to prepare a steak.

74. Have Fun With Yourself (Without a Smartphone)

Entertain yourself.

Individuals on their phones when waiting in line, buying gas, when the conversation at dinner lulls… wherever people aren’t stimulated for 10 seconds or more, they pull out their phones. It’s not only impolite in many cases, but it also implies that you’re reliant on your little electronic gadget for enjoyment. Play board games, practice push-ups during commercial breaks, construct a paper aircraft, solve a philosophical issue in your brain, or convert a dull discussion into an interesting topic by really listening closely, showing some curiosity, and asking smart questions. Learn to appreciate the age-old pleasure of people-watching. One of the three traits of an educated guy is the ability to enjoy himself.


75. Ensure that your car’s oil is changed

You may save time and money by learning how to change your own oil. Instead of travelling 10 minutes to Kwik Lube, waiting another 30 minutes for your vehicle to be serviced, waiting another 30 minutes for the oil change to be completed, and then driving another 10 minutes home, do it yourself in your garage in half an hour. Apart from saving you time and money, changing your own oil gives you a sense of independence and manliness.

Whistle With Your Fingers (No. 76)

Whistle with your fingers.

You can summon your dog, your kids, a cab, or the peanuts guy at the stadium with a loud, demanding whistle. It’s simple to get that ear-piercing whistle sound anytime you want it just using your fingers. This is a little talent, yet mastering it is strangely fulfilling.

Shovel Snow (n.d.) (n.d.) (n.d

Shoveling snow is a back-breaking and exhausting task. Hundreds of cubic feet of fluffy (or not-so-fluffy) white material might be moved. Although it is a wonderful exercise and a great way to fill your lungs with fresh, clean air, it is not a very enjoyable pastime. While people who live in colder climates are almost born with this ability, others may need a few simple tips to guarantee the best and most efficient work possible.

78. Carve a Thanksgiving Turkey

Carve a turkey.

Primitive hunters often dressed and slaughtered their prey in the field, dividing the carcass among the hunting group and making it simpler to transport back home. Perhaps the echoes of this chore are why, in today’s world, cutting the Thanksgiving turkey always falls to the male of the house. When the time comes to carve the turkey, you’ll want to be prepared with the skills and knowledge necessary to extract as much flesh as possible from the bird without mutilating it. Take satisfaction in the artistically cut plate of juicy turkey you’ve put up for your visitors.

79. Make a Bowline knot

A bowline knot is a loop knot that is very secure. As a result, it’s often utilized in rescue scenarios when someone has to be pulled out of a ditch or ravine. It may also be used to secure the boat to the dock. Once you’ve mastered tying the bowline with both hands, learn how to knot it with one hand for added guy points.

80. Get on a Horse

Ride a horse.

Knowing how to ride a horse may be the most “archaic” talent on our list in today’s mechanized environment. But should I say it isn’t also one of the most rewarding. Many outstanding men in history, like Thomas Jefferson, Teddy Roosevelt, and Jack London, utilized horseback riding to unwind. It’s a lovely feeling to saddle up and go towards the horizon. Horses will also be the principal form of transportation once again if American movie is true about the apocalypse. So don’t scoff — you know how to mount!


81. Give a Beneficial Massage

While the date is the most important item in a gentleman’s romantic armory, you’ll also need additional abilities (many of which are on this list!) to wow your lady. Understanding how to provide a decent massage is one of them, and knowing how to do it for her sake rather than in the hopes of sex is one of them. She’ll feel loved and cared for, which is the most effective approach to keep your relationship free of affairs.

82. Unstuck a Stuck Car

Get a car unstuck.

Your automobile may become stuck in a variety of places, including dirt, snow, and even a ditch. While each circumstance is unique, there are some general guidelines that may assist you get freed without having to call for a tow. Knowing them might save you hundreds of dollars in towing costs, and it may be necessary in remote places where mobile phone service is unavailable.

83. Break a Pool Ball Rack

So you’ve seen The Hustler, one of the finest films of all time, and you’re itching to go down to your local pool hall and play some pool. You pick up a cue, line it up to break the rack, and instead of hitting it flawlessly as in your dreams, you shank the cue ball for the ultimate miss, leaving the rack intact. Breaking the rack is your initial billiards impression, and it has the power to scare opponents while also impressing friends. Don’t squander this opportunity.

84. Come up with a logical argument

Make a logical argument.

Logical arguments seem to have gone the way of the dodo in the era of the internet. Debates, whether in online comment sections or on television, are essentially name-calling contests in which the one who yells the loudest wins. Debates and arguments, on the other hand, should be polite activities that avoid logical errors and use solid reasoning. Learning this talent improves your persuading skills, gives you an advantage in today’s environment, and helps you to stand out as a true gentlemen. Because it is the substance of your words, not the loudness of your voice, that distinguishes a master debater and excellent rhetorician.

85. Make Bacon

Nothing beats some cooked hog bacon (turkey bacon is not bacon) on a cast iron pan on a chilly winter morning. Bacon should not be too soft or overly crispy. Patience and expertise are required to get the perfect texture (and maybe even ditching that skillet for the oven). Man points for cooking bacon naked and enduring those scalding grease kisses. Making your own bacon will get you even more guy points. 

Write a Letter (No. 86)

Write a letter.

We’re big supporters of the lost art of letter writing here at AoM. Emails, texts, and the many other digital media accessible to us in the contemporary world are easy and fast, but they can’t compare to the warm, tactile, and elegant quality of handwritten contact. Letters are the next best thing to knocking on someone’s door physically. And their durability is unsurpassed; our shoebox of letters will survive long after we’ve lost the password to our hotmail account. Write to a pen friend, send thank you notes on a regular basis, write “emotional insurance” letters to your children, and make sure you write all seven of these letters before you reach 70.


Shoot a Gun (number 87)

Food, protection, and even a day of fun may all be provided by a rifle. It’s a really valuable tool, but it’s also quite hazardous. You must understand how to properly use several kinds of weapons (pistols, shotguns, and rifles) without hurting others or yourself. Even if you don’t want to become a “Gun Guy,” you should at least have a rudimentary grasp of how weapons operate in case you stumble across one in the wild or need to use one to save your life.

88. Raise a glass to a toast

Make a toast.

You don’t want to be known as the Best Man who gave an extremely cringe-worthy speech at your friend’s wedding. Aside from weddings, you’ll almost certainly have many opportunity to give toasts throughout your life. Your toasts may sound natural, motivating, and memorable with a little planning and practice in front of the mirror (in a good way).

89. How to Jumpstart a Car

It occurs to everyone at some point. Your car’s dome light was accidentally left on while you were at work, and now the battery is dead. Rather than contacting AAA to jump start your automobile, jump start it yourself. It will allow you to save both time and money. It’s also a talent that will make you very valuable to others. The number of individuals who don’t know how to jump start an automobile is surprising.

Know How to Dance (number 90)

Know how to dance.

A guy who can dance impresses a lady more than anything else. And when I say dance, I’m referring about ballroom dancing, in which you lead a lady across the dance floor. There will be no “nae nae” nonsense. Ballroom dancing isn’t difficult at all. You’ll be OK for most weddings and cruises if you start with the waltz and foxtrot.

91. Make a Great Cup of Coffee

Sure, you can put some Folgers in a filter and use your coffee machine’s “Brew” button. But that’s like buying a suit from Walmart. You just aren’t receiving the greatest stuff available. Grinding your beans, heating your water, and brewing them in a French press produces the ideal cup of coffee while also adding a touch of artistry to your daily ritual. You may improve your morning coffee game by roasting your own beans and using other strategies.

Tie a Tourniquet (number 92)

Tie a tourniquet.

For a long time, tying tourniquets was seen as a last option approach for managing significant bleeding. Because it took so long for a wounded soldier to get medical treatment during the twentieth century’s conflicts, the tourniquet would cut off the blood flow for too long, causing amputations. However, the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan shown that tourniquets, when combined with prompt medical treatment, may save lives, and their usage has been reintroduced in both combat and civilian medicine. You’ll still need to know when and how to tie a tourniquet correctly, so read up and put in plenty of practice time.


93. Are You Aware of Two Ingenious Uncle Tricks?

Having a variety of pranks and jokes that will astonish and amuse your nieces and nephews is an important aspect of being an outstanding uncle. Every uncle should have at least two laugh-inducing feats under his sleeve, ranging from juggling and pulling coins from ears to levitating and “bouncing” dinner rolls on the floor.

Fillet a Fish (No. 94)

Fillet a fish.

Fishing is much more enjoyable when you can fillet and prepare your catch for a true water-to-table experience. Put it in a pan with some garlic, lemon, and butter, cook it over your campfire, and have a wild meal beneath the stars.

95. How to Calm a Screaming Baby

Whether your baby suffers colic or is merely fussy on occasion, their screams may really mess with your balance. Because newborns can’t help themselves, their screams are programmed by nature to attract your attention, burrowing into your brain and refusing to let go until you help them. Their screams induce a physiological response: you begin to sweat, your pulse rate increases, and cortisol is released (the stress hormone). It’s no wonder, therefore, that understanding how to quiet a screaming infant is one of the most valuable new-dad skills you can possess!

96. Take a Motorcycle Ride

Ride a motorcycle.

One of the pinnacles of manliness is riding a motorcycle. Islay single malt, grass-fed sirloin, and Creed’s Green Irish Tweed aftershave are all on the list. Why? Because, unlike cars, they provide a sensory experience that demands skill, mental focus, and risk management. You can’t drink coffee, mess with your phone, or daydream while riding a motorbike. Your senses are on high alert, and your life hangs in the balance thanks to two little pieces of rubber linking you to the road. Riding a motorbike is a once-in-a-lifetime event that every guy should have.

97. How to Hammer a Nail Properly

To the untrained eye, hammering just entails beating something until it falls apart. Sure, you could do that, but you’d wind up with poor results and a fatigued arm. A skilled handyman understands how to wield a hammer in a safe, effective, and efficient manner.

98. Prepare a Special Dish

Cook a signature dish.

Cooking fosters a number of macho traits, including self-reliance and gallantry. So, although you don’t have to become a 5-star chef, every guy has to graduate from his college diet of Easy Mac, ramen, and frozen pizza at some time. Knowing your way around the kitchen might be frightening at first, but you can create some delicious dishes with only a single pot that will amaze friends, family, and females alike. Once you’ve mastered the fundamentals, you may concentrate on perfecting a trademark dish to serve on special occasions.

99. Light a Fire Without Using Matches

When you have a pack of matches on hand, it’s simple to start a fire. But, if you didn’t have that crutch, could you build a flame? Or would you starve and freeze if you didn’t have enough food? There are a variety of techniques to start a fire without needing matches, ranging from using a battery or magnifying glass to going completely primitive and utilizing just a board and a stick. Learn as many techniques as possible so that if you ever find yourself alone on a desert island, you can tell your volleyball buddy, “I have built fire!”


Tell a Story (number 100)

Tell a story.

Every guy should be able to tell a compelling narrative. It may be for a business presentation you’re giving. You may also need to compose a paper. Maybe you’re simply hanging out with your pals and telling each other tales. Or maybe you’re cuddling your children into bed and a bedtime story is required. It requires a certain degree of expertise to tell a narrative in a manner that captivates an audience, regardless of the situation.

However, having the experiences that make for wonderful stories is the most crucial element of storytelling. What life tales will you have to tell your grandchildren? Start producing memories right away by acquiring as many of these abilities as possible. The more talents you master, the more locations you can visit, activities you can do, and people you can talk to; in other words, the more adventures you can have!



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