When you’re stuck in the office all through the year, it’s hard to escape the holiday blues. The work becomes a little too familiar and your productivity takes a nosedive. You might be tempted to try to put a positive spin on things and look at it as just part of the year. Don’t. If you are prone to holiday depression, it can hit at any time of year, and it is particularly hard to combat if you have children.

It’s understandable that you want to go home and spend time with your family during the holidays. Your job probably requires you to do so anyway. But you might find it very difficult to leave work and take time out. You probably feel guilty about not taking more time for yourself. After all, you probably don’t mind the work you get asked to do while you’re working, so it doesn’t make sense to feel guilty about the lack of time spent looking after your family.

The easiest way to avoid this kind of holiday burnout is to understand that your holiday moods are usually caused by stress. We all worry about many different things, and we worry about money most of all. Your holidays will be less stressful if you learn how to relax properly. You’ll find it easier to get away from work when you know you’re relaxed.

Get regular exercise and pay attention to your health. Don’t forget to eat well balanced meals. Get plenty of sleep and keep some energy by engaging in aerobic exercise. The key is to be consistent. Practicing meditation or yoga can also help you cope with your stress and give you a feeling of peace.

Don’t spend your whole holiday glued to the television or the computer. Doing so can lead to holiday depression because you’ll be so focused on your work. Instead, pick up a good book or game and read for a few minutes every half hour. And even if you do have to spend an hour glued to the computer or TV set, try to make that time count in your recovery.

Don’t over-analyze holiday weekends. While it’s great to have your own plans, too much planning can lead to stress and anxiety. That means you might spend the entire day worrying about what you’ll do when you get home. Instead, have realistic expectations about what you’ll be doing on your days off at work.

Try not to leave all your work in other places. Many people tend to leave their work at home during their holidays. If you do that, you’ll be so stressed by then that you won’t be able to enjoy your holidays. So, instead, bring your work home with you and make sure it’s with you wherever you go.

If you’re a person who loves socializing, join a holiday club. Holiday clubs tend to have a lot of different activities on offer. This gives you more opportunity to meet new friends. You’ll also meet holiday burnout friends, who come to enjoy the same activities as you. So, avoid holiday burnout by joining a holiday club.

Don’t spend all your time eating out. If you are used to eating out a lot, that may mean that you miss out on a lot of the great food and cultural experiences that you could have while enjoying your holidays. So, avoid eating out altogether on your holidays. Instead, create your own meal plan. You can buy holiday cottages or villas to rent and then create a menu that includes food from the area where you’ll be spending your holidays.

Avoiding holiday burnout doesn’t mean ignoring your work. Of course, you need to work in order to pay your bills and support yourself. However, you shouldn’t spend the bulk of your days off working. The days you spend working should be used on some fun activities that allow you to spend time with your family.

If you’re married, avoid having a separate holiday account. If one partner complains about how much time is being taken by the other during the holidays, then both will feel guilty and will want to cancel their plans. This can lead to a lot of resentment and may lead to a breakup. Therefore, create a shared account and allocate it equally between the two so that there’s no fighting about who does which things.

Finally, don’t work yourself to the bone. Many people believe that hard work at home makes them more productive. While hard work certainly makes you more productive, that doesn’t mean that you can work yourself to death. If you enjoy your work, that’s the only reason you should do it. And, if you enjoy your work but still require a lot of personal freedom, then take some short breaks and ensure that you can enjoy yourself without necessarily sacrificing your work hours.

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