Winter can be cold, but with the right preparations it can be a time of good luck and new ideas. Your first step should be to understand what the weather is expected to be like. This will allow you to make decisions about what kind of clothing to wear, what food to bring and what supplies you should have. Winter can be a harsh environment for those unprepared: It’s cold out and that means you need to store warm clothing, including mittens, scarves, hats, gloves and socks. It’s also wise to buy a face mask to prevent inhaling any unpleasant smells brought on by the snow or ice.

– Water – Two main sources of water are found in nature. First, you may have access to natural lakes and streams. Second, you may have a water tower or a city water plant providing clean water for you and your family. If either of these options are unavailable, try to use as much filtered water as possible. Filtered water may taste better, but you won’t ingest any harmful chemicals from the water. Bottled or filtered water are both excellent choices.

– Food and Nutrition – Getting adequate nutrition is important during the winter months. Don’t starve yourself – instead, pack healthy foods that can keep you going until you can make your way back to civilization. Snacks may include dried beans, nuts, granola bars and trail mix. cereals, bread and pasta are all good choices.

– Shelter and Clothing – Another element of survival tips to get you through winter is ensuring you have shelter available that is warm, dry and comfortable. A small storage container for storing food and water is ideal. The inside should be lined with layers of dry newspaper. Other items needed are a fire starter or some other resource to use as an emergency source of heat, like oil, kerosene or lamp oil. If you live in a small area, using a stove may be the easiest solution for cooking.

– Shelter and Camping – Another element of survival tips to get you through winter includes packing items that will ensure you a comfortable stay outdoors, no matter what the season. A blanket and warm, waterproof clothing are essential. Additional gear that may be useful includes a pair of ice trekking boots, a sleeping bag or air mattress, a compass and a phone. Keep in mind that you will need these items in addition to your fire starting devices.

– Water Storage and Purification – If you have access to a city, a stream or a lake, you will need a method for purifying water for drinking. You can boil water from a kettle or buy a portable water filter. You can also purchase chemicals that will eliminate bacteria, viruses and chemicals that can harm you or pets. Water filters and purifiers can cost several dollars. If possible, simply filter and store your own water. Water storage systems and purification systems can be pricey and will only benefit your bank account if you actually use them.

– Food Storage and Buying Plan – You will need food for a variety of reasons throughout the year. If you do not have storage space for food at home, you should consider buying a can or a two-gallon pail that you can keep outside year-round. Keep in mind that canned food will spoil quickly, especially in areas that are often subjected to extreme weather conditions. Freeze-dried food is more reliable and will not spoil as quickly.

If you are thinking about going camping or hiking in the woods, you should have some basic survival tips to get you through your first few nights out in the woods. If you plan ahead, you will be prepared. If you don’t, be prepared to spend many nights in miserable conditions. Also, plan your route ahead of time so that you do not get lost and possibly become disoriented and possibly stranded. When it comes right down to it, a good night’s sleep is a must, especially in the woods.

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