The Moms of the World share a common sentiment; their children have never had the flu or any other type of illness that could turn out to be deadly. But, that does not mean they are immune to the common flu symptoms. As they say; prevention is always better than cure. Below we share 10 Survival Tips to Ease Flu Symptoms – Mom Trend.

Clean, fresh water is always best for our body as it refreshes and heals us. It is a known fact that clean drinking water reduces the risks of getting flu symptoms. This is because it flushes out the bacteria, viruses and germs from our body. However, the problem with this tip is that most of us do not have clean and fresh drinking water readily available at home. Therefore, this is perhaps the second most popular tip.

Wearing your seat belt while riding the subway or any other form of public transportation is mandatory. If you are using the train, subway or bus, wear your seat belt. Even if you are on the road, it is advisable to wear one. The reason for this is that the small particles that get embedded into your clothing can easily be ingested by the small animals roaming around you.

If you know someone who is susceptible to catching the virus, isolate him or her. If you are sick but have not yet gone to the doctor, avoid contact with anyone. If you think you are feeling nauseous or weak, avoid eating or drinking anything that will dehydrate you. Instead, consume foods that are high in nutrients like fruits, veggies, nuts and whole grains. Drink plenty of water so that you can hydrate yourself and stay energized.

The third of the ten survival tips to ease flu symptoms – avoid taking public transport. Public transportation can pose serious threats to your health if you do not use common sense to determine when it is safe to go out. Always use the stairs when going down and up, or use the elevators. If your destination is several blocks away, instead of walking, take a cab or use a ride available at the place you want to visit.

Another of the survival tips to ease flu symptoms – avoid crowded places. Yes, it sounds commonsense, but most people do not. You do not want to end up at the bus station waiting for a ride when you could go to a coffee shop or book store. Plus, when in crowded places, do not sit near others because you do not know if you can identify them or not. Only sit a few steps away from others, and if possible, sit on the floor to minimize the possibility of getting flu-like symptoms such as headaches, runny nose and sneezing.

And finally, one of the survival tips to ease flu symptoms – avoid taking Vitamin C supplements, as they have been known to increase the risk of getting flu and pneumonia. Do not waste time and money on these pills. Instead, stick to eating foods high in Vitamin C, such as oranges. It will keep you healthy for a longer time. And, if you can, avoid using vitamins A, D and E as well because they also increase the risk of getting flu and pneumonia.

Hopefully, after reading this article, you will be better informed about the causes of flu and how it is spread. With these tips, you can avoid any danger that comes with it and can enjoy life more. Keep these survival tips to ease flu symptoms – mom trend in mind. This way, you can enjoy a long, healthy life!

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