If you are a nurse, then you need to know these 10 survival tips for new nurses. First, you should learn about basic first aid techniques. These can keep you from being in trouble and help you get through an emergency. Second, learn what some of the common signs and symptoms are for different illnesses. Third, learn about emergency procedures that can help you stay ahead of a problem. Lastly, these tips will help you deal with the stress of working as a new nurse.

First, if you see a person fall, then help them to the floor. They may have some medical problems, or you may just be saving their life. Next, when someone stops breathing, begin CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation). This is a method that you have probably heard a lot about and know how to do. If you don’t know CPR, then find a friend that does and learn it as soon as possible.

The next thing you need to know about is what to do if you are bleeding. There are different devices that can stop a person from bleeding, so you may have one in your hospital room already. You should also know what to do if you lose a limb, so this is something that is more easily solved than the others. Contact someone you trust that has a bandage already on hand or contact the Red Cross.

Then, nurses have a few options that they have available to them. One option is to have a ventilator to help them breathe, but this may be off putting to some people. If there is not a readily available ventilator available for them, then you may have to find one that is used by physicians. In this case, you will have to be on oxygen for some time, so prepare for this ahead of time.

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If you are choking, you can stop yourself from doing this too. You can either turn the air away from you or use your forearm to help block the air. Either way, you will find that this will take some effort, so prepare ahead of time. Also, be sure to keep an eye on your surroundings, because you may need to use a cell phone to get other help that you need.

Another thing that nurses may need to do is to change their clothes. They may need to buy a new shirt, a new pair of shoes, or a pair of pants, depending on what type of hospital they work at. This may be a difficult task but is very important that they do it ahead of time. This means wearing slacks and a jacket. The bottom line is that if it gets cold, you will have plenty to do in the way of changing clothes, so be prepared.

Finally, another of the many survival tips for new nurses is to drink plenty of water. This is very important, because it keeps you hydrated. If you are dealing with someone who is vomiting or choking on their vomit, you need to drink right away, because you can quickly become dehydrated. It can be quite disgusting to see someone struggle with their own illness, but the reality is that it happens to every single person at some point during their life. Therefore, you need to learn how to overcome this problem, so that you can help others. Be sure that you remember to take plenty of liquids, even when you are sick.

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Nursing is a tough profession, but you can find that the rewards make it all worthwhile. Once you have learned these 10 survival tips for new nurses, try to put them into practice as much as possible. Even when you are feeling very ill or not feeling up to much, you need to keep drinking water and eating food. Your health is what will hold you back, so remember that whenever you can.

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