Finding your first job as a new graduate is usually a daunting task even in today’s tough economic climate. So, before you start off, be sure to put together 10 Survival Tips for New Graduate. These are quick steps that will prepare you for the often uncertain and sometimes scary future of employment. So, get crackling, warm, and ready for action – grab your survival kit and prepare for a great time ahead!

First and foremost, don’t give up! Don’t give up on the dream of working in your favorite field. In fact, it is much better to stay put and try out for an internship somewhere. If you want, you can apply to a few different places and eventually find one that works for you. Plus, there is no rush!

Second, if you have family issues, put aside your work and family life for now. Moms in particular can be very abusive and harsh with their children and new graduates especially need to be careful. Take care of yourself first so you won’t mess up your life when you land that interview or dream job!

Third, while on the job search, don’t just go to the same old job you have held for years. Change it up! Try out a different department, or find a different line of work. The point is to not get discouraged; keep looking until you find something you really love.

Fourth, when you find a job, follow up! Always follow up with employers to make sure they know you are interviewing for their company. If you don’t ask, you won’t get. Follow up shows them that you are interested in their company and it will also show them that you are persistent!

Fifth, don’t forget to network! Networking is important to getting a new job. You never know who you may meet along your journey. And when you meet someone that could help you, be sure to tell them about your new position! They may even refer you to others who may have an opportunity for employment.

Sixth, read up on your career education. Get information and tips on the internet, read magazines, book, watch tutorials. Research what you are going to study. Be prepared! You’ll learn survival tips for getting a job during college by reading up.

Seventh, join professional organizations. These may be local or international professional associations. Here, you will meet professionals from all over your field. Learn from them, be inspired, and find out about the latest survival tips for new graduates. You may also get free services, like resume writing, interview preparation, resume review and more.

You should also keep in mind that your environment has a lot to do with where you ultimately land. Find out what your community is like. Are there many diverse groups? How is the crime rate? Is the educational level high?

When you move to a new neighborhood, try to determine how safe it is. Try to live closer to public transportation so you can get to work on time. There should be enough foot traffic to allow you to walk to work each day. Is it close to your home? Is there a playground nearby? If there is, then that would also be great.

Other survival tips include looking for jobs in your new community. Do your research, look at the demographics, and determine which areas are populated, educated, and offer good-paying jobs. Then apply for the jobs you find.

Another one of the top survival tips for new graduates is to take your time when searching for a job. Many people often give up when they don’t receive positive responses in a few days. Employers are more likely to hire someone if they communicate with them first, not by cold calling. Following these survival tips will help you not only survive in your job searching, but thrive.

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