Here are 10 survival tips for flying with kids that will make your trip as safe and enjoyable as possible. The first step is to familiarize your child with all of the gear that they will need for their flight. This may include items such as a diaper bag, pillow, and a light sweater. Children will learn how to get in and out of the plane safely during take-off and landing.

It is important to let children know how important it is to stay calm during a flight. Anxiety and fear can be very dangerous. When you are traveling with a child, be sure to allow him or her the ability to remain calm. You can do this by telling the child to relax, telling him or her to think of the fun things he or she will experience on board the plane, and telling him or her to be patient.

It is also important to ensure that the child is not on his or her own. This includes taking children on a special flight that has more seats for children. If there are other children on the plane, it may help to let them sit in front of the child or behind him or her. It may also help if you have an extra child seated in front of the child to keep an eye on him or her.

When you are flying, it is helpful to keep your children’s favorite toys nearby. If there is a chance that the plane will be delayed or even caught by a weather occurrence, this will give the child something to occupy his or her mind. There may also be some type of game that the children will want to play. In the event that you are separated from your child for any reason, ensure that they are allowed to keep their toys close at hand.

It is a good idea to bring along an emergency blanket, a lantern, and flashlight. If you don’t have these items in your possession, it may be wise to bring them with you. You never know when an emergency situation may occur. A flashlight may prove invaluable when there is a power outage. Your lantern will prove to be very useful as well especially if there are wild animals in the area that may try to approach your child.

If the cabin has been decimated by some type of disaster (tornado, flood, hurricane, etc. ), there is no telling what may still be left inside. Ensure that your child is kept well away from the wreckage. Remember that your child may not know how to walk through the rubble, so always lead him or her through the area. Keep in mind that if you ever enter the area, your survival kit should include a blanket with absorbent bedding.

If you have forgotten your inhaler and are in need of rescue, you can either carry or use the child’s inhaler (if you have one). You also need to have some form of first aid kit. It is wise to have antiseptic powder, pain reliever, and some prescription eye drops on hand.

One of the best survival tips for flying is to ensure that you have plenty of drinking water with you. This may sound like common sense, but a lot of people forget about this item. If you forget the item, find a reliable place where you can easily carry water that is full of safety minerals (such as salt water). If the plane you are flying on has a leak or has become water logged, you could risk falling into the water.

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