One of the best 10 survival tips for everyday life is to get a gun. Many people have guns that they swear by. The problem is that these people do not know what to do in the case of an emergency. There are many things you can do with a gun to make your life more comfortable, and you will never be sorry that you had a gun. The following are some of the top survival tips for everyday life.

First off, you should never ever run out of bullets. If you run out of bullets you would probably lose your mind. There is no room in your head for anything else if you lose your head, because that would be the end of the world for you. Therefore, always carry a gun with you and use it as soon as you see an emergency.

Second, be prepared to stay hidden. Most criminals will go after people that are easy to catch sight of. However, if you are dressed well and seem like someone that would be a challenge, the criminal will go after you. Therefore, if you are dressed well and have a gun, you should have a place to hide and set up shop until the police shows up.

Third, if you see someone robbing a store, do not react. The chances are great that the person is going to run away with the merchandise, and the police probably won’t show up in time. Therefore, react slowly and let the police arrive. You would probably be able to scare them away, and help the police capture the robber.

Fourth, keep your hands and feet away from the windows. These are very tempting to grab with the hand or the foot. If something should happen to you, the window could split and fly up and hit you in the face. This is why your hands and feet should be kept away from windows.

Fifth, keep your mouth closed. While this does not mean you should not speak, it does mean that your vocal cords should not be used. This will protect you from choking. It is very tempting to start talking when you are in a hostage situation. However, this will only attract the attention of the attacker. If you cannot breathe, you cannot talk, and you definitely cannot say anything.

Sixth, hang on to people. This seems pretty self-explanatory. However, if you are being held hostage, people generally will be worried about you. Therefore, they will be encouraging the bad guy to do as he wishes.

Seventh, avoid panic attacks. If you can catch yourself thinking that you are about to die, you should get help right away. These symptoms are usually signs that a person is having an anxiety attack. Therefore, do not ignore these symptoms and seek medical attention right away. 10 survival tips for everyday life include not ignoring these symptoms and getting medical attention as soon as possible. If you can take these steps, you will survive your experience.

Eighth, use your head. While you are walking down the street or your car, look around and try to memorize the location of all the objects and people that are around you. Think about your next action carefully and mentally. Try to visualize the task at hand in your mind. If you need to run, do it, but do not go directly to your ultimate destination unless absolutely necessary.

ninth, try to get a grip on your problem. If you are having trouble with something, try to get it together. Do not bury your head in the sand and hope that things will get better. This would only make things worse.

Eighth, conserve every last bit of energy. If you go without food, you will die. Therefore, you should always have food available in your emergency survival kit. Some survival tips include carrying a water bottle. Make sure it has some water in it though.

Lastly, remember that the person with the best tool usually has the advantage. Therefore, if you have the skill to build a tool, you should practice using it. This would allow you to be prepared for any eventuality. This would in turn increase your chances of getting through anything. With the above survival tips in mind, you can be assured that if a disaster ever strikes, you would be able to adapt and deal with it.

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