Bathing your cat is an important part of taking care of her. Although it is a good idea to bathe her on a regular basis, it is also a matter of personal preference as well. It depends on how you like your own bathing experience. Do you want to use the bath itself, or would you prefer to use a shampoo? There are also many other factors such as where you live and what time of year that will impact on your bathing routine.

The first thing that you need to do before you begin to bathe your cat is to thoroughly get her clean. Use warm water that is free from chlorine or any other harsh chemicals. Make sure that your cat is completely dry before you begin to lather on the shampoo. You can use baby shampoo as long as it does not contain any dyes or abrasive detergents.

When you think you have completely cleaned her, it is time to move on to the next step of grooming. Start by removing her all of her hair and the ticked areas on her fur. Then use a soft brush to brush through her hair gently taking care not to pull out any of her hair. Once she is brushed through you will need to take some medicine right near the spot that you were just brushing through because this will help reduce swelling if there is an injury. You want to do this a couple times a week for optimal health benefits.

Once you have finished brushing through her and you are left with just the clean cat hair, use a damp brush to go over it. Do not brush too hard or you may injure her skin. Once you are satisfied with her look, you can use some shampoo and use a separate brush to scrub the rest of her fur off.

When you bathe your cat, you will need to use cold water. You can either use a sink or a spray bottle that is labeled for cats or boil some water. If you use a sink, be sure not to fill the sink more than halfway as the water may be too hot for her. If you use a spray bottle, be sure to put a lid on it or cover the bottle and the cat with a cloth before you spray the water all over her body.

Once you have her hair is wet, you will need to rinse her thoroughly using water. You may need to use two sprays of water in order to get all of the shampoo out of her fur. If you have an electric brush, you should gently use the brush on her fur in order to loosen the dirt. Be sure not to rub the skin, as this can irritate the skin and lead to infection.

After the cat has been rinsed off, it is time to apply the grooming tools. If you are using clippers, you will need to make sure you keep the blade clear so that your cat does not accidentally swallow it. Use a washcloth to gently pat her skin dry. If you use any kind of grooming tools, such as scissors, be sure that you have them properly cleaned in order to avoid contamination. You may also need to use some kind of antiseptic after you finish with this step in order to help get rid of any remaining bacteria.

It is important to remember that if you are using any kind of grooming tools, these tools are dangerous to use on your cat. Never pull on the skin of your cat while grooming. You also need to be very gentle with your cat as they can become very afraid when they are being hurt. Reading these simple survival tips for cat care will help you be able to give your cat a proper bathing and will also help you make sure that she remains healthy.

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