10+ Shooting Skills You Need To Practice

With society crumbling in many parts of America, it’s time to really learn and develop your shooting skills to protect yourself, your family and your loved ones. Needless to say, who, what, when and why, right now the blackout is here and could come to our door sooner or later.

There are so many new gun owners that self-defense weapons are flying off the shelves and many stores cannot keep ammunition for these weapons in stock. But the mindset I’m talking about applies to everyone.

Knowing and hearing the cries of victims of violence, combined with the reluctance of some government organizations to pay for their police stations, there is only one alternative: We must learn to defend ourselves.

Understanding that not all cities and states experience this condition, we still need to be aware that these itinerant groups can pop up in any part of the nation at any time. Preparation is the only solution.

That’s what it looks like: Why or why not consider a camera adapter if you are a serious preparer?

Key step

Handling and learning a particular weapon is very important. It doesn’t matter what you wear or what you have to protect yourself and your home, what matters is that you know how to use it.

Shooting Range Yes, going to the shooting range is the first step in learning good shooting technique.

But if you have to use it, you won’t be able to stand behind a nice, quiet stand and get a good weave, nor have a rangefinder, nor eye or ear protection.

An emergency situation arises quickly and requires an immediate response. So what’s your best weapon for survival? Your brain is by far your best weapon. Stay away from problem areas if you can. Avoid situations that could cause problems. Don’t go into a biker or cowboy bar at 2am and become a nuisance. Don’t cause trouble and avoid it as much as possible. Yeah, sometimes it’s impossible.

In these emergency situations, your heart will be beating faster, your breathing will be gasping, and you probably have so many things going through your mind that it can take you away from those critical moments when you need to be calm.

There are no video games, no formal time at the shooting range, or other preparations to prepare you for those few moments when your life or the life of a loved one is on the line. If bullets pass you by or a gang beats you or your loved ones, this is not the time to learn, but to act in self-defense.

Other important aspects of firearms ownership

Cleaning Your Gun Now it’s time to really learn how to shoot your gun. An important aspect of owning a firearm is the automatic loading of the weapon for cleaning. Keep your weapons clean.

Know how to use it with the dominant hand and with the non-dominant hand. Learn to charge them with one hand.

This can involve some strange distortions, but it’s a valuable exercise if you ever have to do it. If you are injured or in combat, it can save your life. Of course, learn how to get out of a jam with a rifle or shotgun. (They don’t put advanced support on AR guns for nothing).

Correct setting

Put yourself in the shoes of a hunter or a soldier. They constantly face difficult terrain, have to run uphill to reach a good shooting spot, and have to face trees, bushes, or other obstacles before they can make a good shot.

Run to get used to the crosshairs of the sight or scope, and keep it straight for an accurate shot.

Shooting positions you must practice Shooting from a kneeling position as if you were being attacked and knocked down.

Shoot with a rifle or pistol in the prone position, then turn around and shoot the target from behind and over.

Moving, shooting and moving again may be the key to survival.

When walking around town, at the grocery store or wherever you are, look for things that can serve as a barrier or shelter in case of danger. Then put yourself in a position where you have the opportunity to practice shooting. Be aware of your surroundings at all times. I can’t stress this enough. Find out where you are if you need help.

Imagine one or more intruders entering your home. What furniture can be used as a barrier or shelter? How to get your hands on a gun and take it out in a few seconds. Have you ever thought of using a mattress to escape a violent intruder? Is a mattress an aid or an obstacle? How much protection do the walls of your home provide?

Firing from a moving vehicle

Shooting from a moving vehicle If possible, learn to shoot from a moving vehicle. Soldiers need this skill all the time, and it looks like we can use it too. Shoot under the car at targets at different distances, as cars can be your best or only hiding place. There’s so much to think about, I know. But, learn one aspect at a time.

If you can’t find a free spot to shoot in awkward positions, learn to shoot dry in your home. Run on the spot, pick a lens and close your eyes to focus your gaze forward on that lens before opening your eyes to see if you succeeded. It’s not easy, but these little exercises can make the difference between the living and the non-living.

Shooting skills you need to practice Dry shooting is a great way to learn, but make sure you don’t have any loaded firearms around if you want to practice.

Many police cadets learning to shoot have accidentally put a bullet in a piece of furniture, a refrigerator or a television set. Don’t be like that – be ultra-safe.

Never be intimidated by a gun. Don’t let movie actors be your role models. Except on rare occasions, they don’t get real weapons with real ammunition, and there’s something in the entertainment and presentation of the story. Don’t think you’re cool enough to hold a gun sideways. – Don’t be stupid, ever. Your life and your loved ones are hanging by a thread.

A Some other reflections

  • If your state restricts certain firearms, follow the law. There are many fine firearms that will serve you well and are not illegal. Old school lever-action shotguns, for example, are pretty well equipped for maintenance, and the old cops used semi-automatic shotguns with 10-shot magazines in the back, in some heavy calibers, for example : 308 Victory, 30-06, 243 Victory, etc., while performing their duties with flying colors.
  • Remember that shooting and/or killing a person has serious emotional and legal consequences. If you are involved in a shooting, you need insurance and legal advice. Even if we plead not guilty, the cost of defense is outrageous in our legal system. Some lawyers specialize in these types of cases and offer insurance for these specific cases. Living with the aftermath of a shooting can be traumatic and will definitely leave you with someone else.
  • For some practical tests with specific weapons and situations, I highly recommend Paul Harrell on YouTube. Some of his old videos are very insightful and the tests he does are very well done. His old videos were made in a different era, and the problems we face today may not be exactly the ones he tests, but it will give you good ideas on how to train.

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