If you are a survivor of a radiation injury, then you already know how serious the situation can be. Radiation injuries can lead to chronic health conditions and death. Fortunately, there is some Radiation Accident Survival Tips that you should follow if you want to increase your chances of surviving a radiation injury. The following are ten survival tips to help you survive a radiation injury!

– Keep cool and calm! You might not feel well when you first get hurt. When in doubt, go home and take a walk. This will help to boost your energy levels, which could potentially help you heal more quickly.

– Seek out first aid from local emergency rooms. This may not be immediately obvious, but radiation injuries often leave long trails of blood or other material that can cause further problems after they heal. Do not try to clean up your own messes. Do not look for help unless you are absolutely sure that what you are doing is what you should be doing. Remember that radiation treatments can leave you feeling dizzy or ill for days after the accident, and that these effects can get worse if you become dehydrated. Be sure to let the doctors know if you become physically unwell and take lots of liquids after every treatment!

– Avoid eating heavy meals right after your radiation treatment. Your body may have been affected by radiation at the very least a few hours before you ate. If this is the case, then it is probably still early enough for your body to process the food and rid it of any toxic or harmful chemicals. Eating heavy meals will just make it harder for your body to get rid of all the toxins that it has been exposed to. In fact, if you continue to eat too much food after your radiation treatment, then you might even experience vomiting!

– Keep your wounds clean and as dry as possible. You may have suffered burns or other radiation symptoms, but these wounds are easy to heal and make you more susceptible to infections. It is very important for you to keep all your wounds clean and dry. In fact, you should wash your body with a specially designed radiation cleanse every day to ensure that you stay well hydrated and to stop you from getting sick easily.

– Try not to touch the area where the radiation treatment was used on your body. Radiation accidents are still possible even after treatment. If you were to touch the treated area, it could potentially cause a reaction and even lead to serious health issues, such as cancer. Keep your hands and arms away from the area to limit the chances of an accident happening.

– When you are being treated for radiation injuries, remember to keep your mouth shut. The radiation treatments can leave a discoloring mark in your mouth, which may make it impossible for you to drink water or eat food. As much as possible, try to keep the mouth closed during your radiation treatment period. This will help you prevent infections, as well as keep the marks in your mouth less visible. This is important especially for those who already have poor oral hygiene.

These radiation accident survival tips may seem trivial when you first read them, but they are very true and important. If you can follow them, there is a great chance that you will survive a radiation injury. Remember, though, that they are only basic guidelines and you should always consult a highly experienced radiation therapist for proper advice. It is best that you do so right away. Remember that a nuclear disaster is not something you should be unprepared for!

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