There are a lot of common sense holiday survival tips for home business owners that should not only be followed during the holidays, but for all seasons. You have to make sure you have cleaned your house and kitchen thoroughly in the spring, and that you have emptied your stock and fridge in autumn. It is always a good idea to hang up festive decorations in the house such as bright orange and green ribbons, so if you leave them lying around you will attract mice and rats. If you do not clean the place out in the autumn, it can be a haven for bugs and mould.

Children can be a real nightmare when it comes to preparing for Christmas and New Year’s Eve and the little help during this busy time of year can really make a big difference. It is very important to set strong boundaries with your kids, about what they can do and when they can do it. You also need to set boundaries with your spouse. You might agree to limit the number of kids that you have at home on New Year’s Eve and perhaps even have a “no sweets” rule, or perhaps insist that your kids eat their dinner with you at the end of the day, rather than somewhere else.

There are also other ways you can use to set strong boundaries and to protect your family at the same time. You should always try to spend some time alone with each other. It is hard enough working during the holidays and trying to find the time to spend alone with your family member or children. Children can be a little more challenging, especially at this time of year where they want everything to be perfect. Spending some quality time away from each other can really strengthen relationships.

Another thing that you can do, in order to really get done, is to write out your to-do list. Make it specific and write down what needs to be done. It will make it easier to stay on task. When you know exactly what has to be done, you can schedule time during the day or night to get done. A better to-do list will help you stay on track.

One of the biggest challenges that holiday home business owners face is staying motivated. There is so much more going on at work during the holiday season that most people just don’t have time to stop and think about their goals. So many times, people make excuses such as they are not traveling, or they are not working smart. You have to learn something new every single day. If you allow yourself to get distracted or do not set goals, then you will find that you are not going to accomplish very much.

So how do you change this? You do it by setting strong boundaries and expectations. When you set strong boundaries and expectations, you send a message to your family members to not give you more attention during this busy time of year. Don’t take advantage of your family member’s time. Just because your family member is not able to set boundaries on when they will check in on you, doesn’t mean that they want to. Setting boundaries and expectations sends a clear message that you will only get your undivided attention when you are working and that you cannot let them check in while you are away.

Another one of the top 10 holiday survival tips for home business owners is that families should get away from the computer and connect when possible during the holiday season. Try to plan an entire family weekend away. Get away with your family by spending time with friends and by enjoying the beautiful holiday destination that you have chosen. By spending time with friends and family, you will learn something new and have some fun at the same time. This may be the only break you get throughout the holidays!

Finally, I would say that families should get together for fun once a month and that they get together to celebrate the holidays too. The holidays are the best way to connect with your family and close your home business. Make each holiday a little different and let your family members know that you love them and appreciate their efforts. If you have children involved, tell them that you don’t necessarily think that the holidays are the best time to bond, but that maybe it is just time for some down time. I hope these holiday survival tips for home-business owners will be to-do’s for this amazing time of year!

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