You will be in danger during the winter season if you forget to prepare yourself against the common colds and flu. It is better that you start preparing yourself now, so that you can ward off the harmful effects of the cold and flu. However, before starting your preparations, there are some tips that you need to remember. So, get ready for winter by getting yourself educated about the flu and its symptoms. And, start making your own ten flu survival tips to make sure that you and your family remain safe from the danger of the common cold and flu.

To boost your body’s natural immune system to fight against the flu, it is advisable to exercise regularly. This is one of the most effective ways of getting your body immune system ready to fight the diseases. Get a good exercise program going, and take time to stretch and relax. Proper rest is also very important in having a healthy immune system. So, when the flu season strikes, make sure that you are taking care of yourself by exercising regularly and stretching your muscles.

Another way of boosting your body’s natural immune system to fight against the common cold and flu is to get vaccinated. Of course, you need to have the vaccine when you enter the age group that can get influenza. However, you need to know that there is a difference in getting vaccinated as opposed to having the seasonal flu vaccination. For instance, if you have not received a seasonal flu vaccination by the time for the winter season, there is a great chance that you will catch the viral infection this time around. Thus, it is better for you to have received the vaccine earlier in order to boost your body immune system to fight off the virus.

Moreover, remember that smoking and alcohol greatly weaken the body immune system. This is the reason why smokers suffer more serious health problems than those who do not smoke or have limited alcohol intake. You should start your exercise routine immediately after finishing your meals. If you are not doing so, you are running the risk of slowing down your metabolism, which would make you vulnerable to viral infections. Do not forget to drink lots of water to further enhance your body immune system.

Finally, make sure that you keep your hands and feet dry at all times because these are some of the most common ways on how people can easily contract the flu virus. Closely hug your knees when you walk and do not touch your mouth and nose with your hands. Avoid kissing someone who is coughing because they might have a cold. Avoid sharing water when the temperature goes below freezing or when it is raining especially when the weather is very cold.

Lastly, make sure that you stay away from stress and make sure that you take time to rest. The flu can be highly contagious especially during the peak season especially if you are already experiencing severe aches and pains. Stress can result to faster infections. To avoid contracting the virus, it is advisable that you learn how to manage your stress. Try yoga and meditation techniques, because these are great stress reliever tools.

Lastly, you should also practice good hygiene. Always wash your hands frequently and avoid sharing personal items such as towels, cups and knives. Clean your room often to prevent the spread of flu. Do not leave food and drinks around the house or anywhere near the areas prone to dust and dirt. In addition, be wary of your pets especially dogs because they can carry the virus.

Now that you know how the season works, it is time for you to face the cold and stay healthy. If you have already contracted the virus by being in close contact with the sick, it is best to avoid physical contact until you recover completely. Avoid kissing anyone, sharing cups and eating from the same plate and eating at the same table as the sick person. Taking these simple precautions will help prevent viral infection from the start of the season and help you enjoy a hassle-free flu season.

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