Are you planning a family holiday this summer with children? Then you know just how important it is to prepare for your trip properly – and to have the right accessories. When you are travelling with children, there is a lot to keep track of and there is a great deal of risk involved in any journey. For this reason, you should make sure that you don’t take any risks when taking your children on holiday. To help you prepare for your holiday, here are 10 essential survival tips for flying with children.

The more you travel, the better it gets and the more chances you’re going to have to get your holiday booked! So, please get below Top 10 Essential Survival Tips to prepare for flying with kids by giving some thought to what you’ll be doing and where you’ll be going. A good place to start would be to add a toy bag or duffel bag with plenty of children’s toys to carry in it. It may even be a good idea to have portable entertainment gadgets like DVDs and MP3 players also as part of your luggage.

If you’re flying domestic then you should pack plenty of clothes, shoes, underwear and socks so your kids can have a chance to look fashionable. You could also include some light drinks, toiletries, toilet paper, makeup, facial tissues and other toiletries for your kids to take on board. If you are flying with kids internationally, then it’s always worth investing in some of the best international airline rated luggage and kids carry luggage.

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There are plenty of international airlines that will offer discounted fares if you book your flights in advance. Always make sure you check this out when booking as some destinations can become very busy at times. International airlines are much more sensible about safety, however, and may even offer you an early departure lounge in which to wait for your connecting flight. Look online and in travel magazines for great deals. Always make sure you pack light as it’s likely that most flights will be over packed with heavy luggage – especially during weekends – so you may find yourself having to walk around airports and hotels for ages just to find a suitable seat.

Booking flights with young children in tow is never easy. Many parents will opt for child-friendly flights only to discover that they cannot accommodate all the kids they have chosen to take with them. You may need to check flights closer to home to save yourself time and money and ensure they all arrive safely. With a little planning ahead you should be able to get all aboard without any problems.

Carry luggage with you that’s big enough to hold all the kids you expect to take on the flight. Make sure it’s large enough to allow you to bend down and pick it up if needed. Kids love to take things around so try to keep their hands free whilst you’re travelling and always keep the luggage belts fastened together. As well as ensuring that your hands are free to carry luggage with you, always keep a hand held phone with you as well so you can contact the airline in the case of any problems. You’ll be surprised how many children out there love to taunt you and other passengers using the mobile phone!

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On board there will be enough staff to man the snack bars but it’s also a good idea to have a bag to keep your liquids close to you at all times. Although it’s important to make sure you can get your liquids into the luggage compartment, you may find that there are none left by the time you get to your destination so it’s worth carrying a couple extra bottles with you. There may also be a few snack bars on board which is a great opportunity to fill up on treats during long distance flights.

When you reach your destination, don’t forget to keep a first aid kit close by and make sure you’ve stashed away some extra clothes, woollens and woolly jumpers in your car in case you need them. You may need them to keep you warm when you spend the night out on the town. And remember that liquids such as gasoline and alcohol are harmful to your health so keep them far away from your children’s eyes.

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