Have you ever heard of any good 10 Desert survival tips? Maybe you have, but you may not be fully prepared for what Mother Nature can deliver. If you don’t pay attention to the weather and stay out of the desert, you are taking a big risk. Not all areas are as favorable as the next, so it’s wise to take a step back and look at your situation before venturing into the desert. Being prepared could mean the difference between life and death, or a comfortable vacation and a lifetime of misery.

One of the most important survival tips to avoid is never to depend on drinking water. Sure, you need to eat and you may need to carry some water with you, but beyond that, you should be gone for more than two days without water. The reason is because there is simply no other way to make it from the sand without water. If you do find a spot that has water, it will be very dirty and probably infested with snakes and insects! It’s better to die of thirst than of snakebite.

Another thing to never forget is to purify water. Water in the desert can become very contaminated over time, and you don’t want to be carrying around some sort of chemical formula to kill bacteria or parasites when you are so thirsty. Therefore, you should make sure that water is purified before you drink it. The simplest way to do this is to carry a water bottle with you and always carry a water filter.

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You also need to know where to locate places that have food and water, and those spots should be well guarded against the elements. If you want to eat, you should never approach a standing cactus, as their snouts are very tough and can hurt you if you slip on them. Stick to digging up cacti or desert flowers, as they won’t hurt you. They may contain deadly berries, however, so be sure to check them out before consuming them.

One of the most important desert survival tips is to conserve food. Your body requires food to keep you fed and healthy, so make sure that you ration your food equally between the two main groups of people that live in your desert – your family and your other guests. Do not allow anyone to monopolize all of the food in your home. It is okay to share with each other, but not everyone needs to eat. Stacking someone else’s plate can lead to an accident!

Another desert survival tips is to stay hydrated at all times. Overcrowding yourself with water will cause trouble for you, so be sure to keep plenty of clean water available. You should have water containers hanging around your home, but you should also have some water stored in a safety box in your car. Always stock up on clean drinking water, as stagnant water carries harmful bacteria and germs. You should have water available in bottles or lined water containers to drink from as long as there is water in your car or safety box. Staying hydrated will prevent sicknesses that could become serious if contaminated.

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If you are in a survival situation where food is scarce or at least low, you should know how to boil water for drinking. You can either build a small water barrel or purchase one, depending on your preferences. Boiling water can be a lifesaver in situations where water supplies have been cut off. If you are in a situation where water is running low, boiling water is great desert survival tips to avoid becoming dehydrated. Boiling water inside your vehicle is much safer than attempting to do so outside, especially when traveling long distances.

When looking for survival items, consider your camping equipment. If you are a beginner, you may want to consider purchasing items such as a compass, flashlight, and other items that you can use when you are in a rough terrain. It is also important to pack plenty of water and food. It is never too late to prepare for emergencies, so if you think you are ready for a survival situation take some time to consider the following desert survival tips. By taking the time to consider these survival tips, you can ensure a safe and comfortable survival whether you are in the mountains, under the desert or somewhere else in the world. Following these tips will make preparing for a survival situation much easier.

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