10 Cheap Date Ideas

There are many date ideas you can do on a budget, but here is ten of my favorite cheap dates that will also help your relationship.

“10 Cheap Date Ideas near Wisconsin” is a list of 10 date ideas that are cheap, fun and easy. Whether you’re looking for something to do with your significant other or just want to have some fun without breaking the bank, these date ideas are perfect.

Joe Weber of Dappered.com has written a guest article for us.

Because I don’t give a damn about money, and money can’t buy me love. The Beatles, to quote them

There’s good news and bad news if you’ve chosen to take on the task of dating women rather than merely hanging out with them.

The bad news is that you’ll have to overcome your fear of rejection and anxiousness.

The good news is that going out on a date with a woman does not have to be costly. It merely takes a bit more consideration.

Too many guys believe they can buy their way out of thinking by spending money. However, inventive, low-cost dates are sometimes the most enjoyable. They’re more memorable than the traditional dinner and a movie, and a lady won’t care how much money you spend on her (if she’s a keeper, that is).

So, if you’re low on funds but still want to wow her with a great date, here are 10 budget-friendly possibilities.

Wine Tasting No. 1

Vintage couple holding glasses of drink and looking at each other.

On this side of Antarctica, wineries are springing up everywhere. Most of these newcomers provide wine sampling for free or at a very cheap cost (and often times, those that charge let you keep the glass.) Learn about the various wines, what foods they mix well with, and keep track of the varietals she prefers. Knowing a woman’s favorite wine isn’t as crucial as knowing her eye color, but it may assist. Make sure you utilize the spit bucket, as counter-intuitive as it may seem to those of us who consider squandering booze to be a sin. You’re driving, so you need to be responsible, and you won’t be able to drive her home if you swallow every bite. You don’t have to spit out every single flavor, but you should show some moderation. She’ll notice and be grateful.

2. Pay a visit to a flea market

Unlike antique stores, flea markets seem to cater to the young and less well-off. Almost usually, the goods is more fascinating, if not plain strange. The same may be said for individuals in attendance and those selling items. You may watch folks barter, check over perhaps haunted furniture, and even pick up a tiny present for your date if anything cheap strikes her attention. If it’s a piece of jewelry? Who knows what will happen. It’s possible that it won’t even color her skin green. (Or it may turn out to be a fantastic find.) Stick to established outdoor flea markets with a strong reputation. Not those once-in-a-blue-moon indoor sales where you pay an arm and a leg before ever seeing what’s on offer.

3. Hike at Sunset

A couple going for hiking panting.

While a leisurely stroll with no particular objective might be enjoyable, trekking to the top of a nearby mountain to see the sun set gives you a purpose. Keep it to 45 minutes or less. You don’t want to go on a grand adventure just to find yourself fumbling about in the dark. After that, reward yourself with a drink or glass of wine at a pleasant tavern. This is especially effective in the autumn, when you can see the changing leaves all around you.


4. The Afternoon of Photography

This one falls under the “two birds, one stone” category. You never know what to gift your relatives who live in various areas of the nation (or the globe) for their birthdays or holidays. In your hometown, go on a picture safari for the sights and situations that best symbolize where you reside. When you’ve finished, choose 12 of the finest and submit them to one of the numerous websites that enable you to build wall calendars. There’s your present for Grandma and Grandpa, who live a few time zones away and would appreciate a reminder of what life is like in your hometown.

5. The Picnic on a Bicycle

A couple with their bicycles on a sea side.

Picnics are usually at the top of everyone’s list when it comes to inexpensive and romantic dates. However, including a leisurely long bike ride may make a significant impact. It’s soothing, you get to see some countryside along the way, and it’s lot more romantic and intriguing than battling traffic and trying to find a parking spot. Keep your menu basic, be aware of any open container restrictions that may apply to your picnic location, and make sure you have a backpack and bike gear rack capable of carrying your load. You should bring a bike lock with you. You could wind yourself stopping for ice cream on your way home.

6. Go on a Walking Tour of Your Town’s History

Historical walking tours, which are almost always free, force you to pause and appreciate the history that most of us pass by every day. We all have our own point A and point B, and most of us don’t spend much time thinking about the areas in between. These tours are usually guided by volunteers who may be very entertaining, and the buildings and their tales are never dull. Afterward, both the guides and the history will give enough of fodder for discussion at the café or bar. It’s everything wrapped up in one of these on-foot freebies: nostalgia, history, architecture, and a sense of the past.

7. Supporting the Roller Derby Girls in Your Neighborhood

Vintage couples cheering on a roller in derby duke club.

You and your date may see one of the hundreds of smaller roller derby teams compete against a competitor for the price of one inexpensive ticket at most big league games. A ticket usually allows you to see a number of fights, and the pace and spills are authentic. It’s something new, yet still sports-related, with just the right amount of excitement and, for once, no sweaty males.

8. The Out-of-the-Box Movie Night

There are two possibilities here. First, if you’ve just started dating, avoid the new romantic comedy that just came out on Redbox and instead watch a classic like Casablanca, To Catch a Thief, or even the original Ocean’s 11. Take out, cook a dinner, or have a few beverages on hand that correspond to the narrative or setting of your favorite old Hollywood film. Dress up a little to create a more sophisticated atmosphere. You don’t want to seem as if you’re going to spend the night on the sofa because you’ve got the illness. You don’t have to dress up for her just because you’re at home watching a movie.


Consider reenacting your first movie date if you’ve been in a relationship for a long. We should all remember the first film we watched with our significant other. Find it on DVD for a low price, then buy a wicker basket from a craft shop, decorate it with tissue paper, and fill it with popcorn, M&Ms, and other movie theater treats. Deliver it to her and invite her to see a movie with you. Should be less than the arm and a leg you paid on popcorn and drinks alone the first time you two watched it in the cinema.

9. Going to the farmer’s market in the morning and cooking dinner together that night

While staying in and cooking supper together is romantic, use your dinner date as an excuse to visit your local farmer’s market the next morning. As you go through the various sellers, you’ll begin to assemble a pile of fresh local items that you may utilize later that evening. You are not required to purchase anything at the market. Maybe just a few bunches of greens to cook with some olive oil and garlic, a couple of easy-to-stuff local organic chicken breasts, and some berries to serve with shortcake for dessert. Get imaginative, then utilize the middle of the day to look for simple recipes and get the other supplies.

Monopoly is the tenth game. The loser pays for dinner or drinks.

Vintage couple playing cards.

Don’t dismiss board games (or cards). They may be a great way to spend an evening at home (if that’s what you’re searching for). Make a friendly couple’s wager on the result (dinner, drinks… I’m sure your mind is now going to other possibilities). It’ll add to the excitement of the game. Don’t bother with Scrabble or Trivial Pursuit. Those may become too competitive psychologically. Monopoly offers enough chance that no one’s emotions (including yours) will be harmed if one player fully dominates the other. And you’ll conquer Monopoly if you get those orange properties (it’s real, tests have been done). If you win, what if the reward includes a night out on the town on her dime? Then one low-cost dating concept spawned another. At the very least, for you.

What are some of your favorite low-cost date ideas? Please send them to us, and if we receive enough, we’ll do another episode.

What are some of your favorite low-cost date ideas? Please send them to us, and if we receive enough, we’ll do another episode.

Joe Weber is the Director and Editor of www.Dappered.com, a website dedicated only to inexpensive style. He thinks that living well, living well, and looking nice does not need becoming bankrupt.



The “fun date ideas” is a list of 10 cheap date ideas. The list includes things like going to an arcade, bowling, and playing board games.

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